Persona 5 the first week of sales total sales of over wiiu PS4 in Japan

"Persona 5" the first week of Japan’s total sales of super hot PS4 WiiU Japan Media Create according to the statistical data shows that with the model for the CUH-2000 version of the PS4 host on sale, the new host sales performance is quite strong in japan. The first week of sale sold 96433 units, while in the second week also maintained at the 49652. Due to the recent lack of Wii U game support, while the host has gradually entered the end of this week, sales of only 2731 units. PS4 Japan sold more than WiiU from February 22, 2014 PS4 on sale in Japan so far, its total sales in Japan is about 3267243 units, Wii U since December 8, 2012 the total sales volume of about 3265329 units in japan. This means that the total sales of PS4 hosts in Japan is officially over Wii U. In addition to the new models, the goddess of different smell recorded 5, the sale of PS4 host sales also have the effect of adding fuel to the flames. The first week of the game, PS3 and PS4 two versions of sales of about 337767 copies, which has exceeded the results of the "goddess of the different" series of works in the first week of performance. The deadline for this cumulative sales in Japan is 397716. Chinese version of the game and the English version will be on sale in 2017, I believe there will be further growth in sales. Goddess of the first 5 weeks of record sales performance eye-catching although PS4 is currently in the global market are very strong, but the performance of PSV can not be so satisfactory. Compared to Nintendo’s 3DS global sales of nearly 60 million, PSV in the global sales of only about 14 million. For the poor performance of PSV, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton believes it is Born Under A Bad Sign. On the other hand, Nintendo code name for the new host NX coming in next sale, it is said that both host and device characteristics will be. How can the new host from PS4 and Xbox One hand pulled one back, let us wait and see. (source: HKGNEWS editor: Okami) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: