People’s Daily published an article about the prevention and control of air pollution, haze to go on jodie foster

People’s Daily published an article about the prevention and control of air pollution, haze to go on foot – Sohu news treatment of air pollution and cure illness, quite similar. To restore the health of the atmospheric environment, the problem may not happen overnight, there must be a long process of climbing over the ridge, from "quantity" to "quality". With the total discharge of pollutants continues to decrease, temperament will eventually change significantly since October, Beijing, Tianjin region suffered three longer duration, a larger range of air pollution process. "Has not yet entered the heating season, haze frequently hit, which makes a lot of people once again into the winter haze" anxiety ", and even doubt in recent years the effect of haze rule. From the monitoring data, in 2013 the State Council issued and implemented the atmosphere ten, the atmospheric environment has improved significantly. Released in July this year, Chinese Academy of engineering of the assessment report, "since the implementation of atmospheric ten", the city’s overall air quality improvement, PM2.5, PM10, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and the annual concentration exceed the standard rate decreased year by year, most of the city to reduce the number of days of heavy pollution. 2015, the country’s 74 key cities PM2.5 average concentration of 55 micrograms cubic meters, compared to the year of 2013, a decrease of 72 micrograms cubic meters of the value of the average daily value of the proportion of the number of days, from 33.2% in 2013 to $23.6% in 2015 by 20.8%. This year, the latest monitoring data show that as of October 19th, Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas, the average concentration of PM2.5 fell by 14.3%, higher than the national average of a decrease of 8.5%. Spring and summer this year, Beijing, Tianjin and other places of air quality improved significantly, people often in the circle of friends in the sun, blue sky, white clouds, rainbow, but we feel this year in October haze days more. In fact, statistics show that in October 2014, Beijing severe pollution and the number of days above was as high as 10 days since October this year, more severe pollution and the number of days to 5 days. Now, Beijing, Tianjin and other places encountered a persistent static, high humidity adverse weather conditions, there will still be more serious air pollution, the root cause is excessive emissions of atmospheric pollutants. Since 2013, all levels of government and relevant departments and regulations, administrative management, science and technology and economic levers and a number of initiatives through legislation, focusing on Governance for coal consumption, vehicle emissions, industrial pollution and construction dust and other pollution sources are, has achieved obvious effect. However, Beijing, Tianjin and other places, a huge base of pollutant emissions, emissions are still far more than the total capacity of the environment. Some of the major pollutants emissions in China still ranked the first in the world, in a period of high emissions "platform". According to estimates, even the most successful emission reduction of sulfur dioxide, the total amount of emissions is only restored to the level of the beginning of this century, is still much higher than the 90s of the last century. "Sick as a mountain down, sick to go on foot." Air pollution and cure serious illness, quite similar. In January 2013, several large-scale air pollution, so that the public know what is PM2.5, recognize the severity of air pollution, which is to promote the "atmosphere of the ten" in September of that year issued an important.相关的主题文章: