People eat fish in the No. 5 battery stores will compensate for 80 thousand rejected (video)

People eat fish in the No. 5 battery stores will compensate for 80 thousand rejected spicy fish is a lot of people sought after Sichuan people hung a delicacy, is spicy food, can be hung at the end of August 26th a in a fish shop in Binhu the Mixc ayue lunch had very fear of a scene. A dish called "spicy temptation" fish, eating delicious, but after eating at the bottom should eat a 5 dry cell batteries, more let hung a scared that this battery is a knife in half, toxic heavy metals in the battery has been completely immersed in liquid infiltration. Mr. Hong’s wife Ms. Xi said, two months after today myself to recall the scene still feel very scared, worried about the heavy metal elements in the cell after eating harmful to the body. When my sister found it, she thought it was a tiger green pepper, and then she saw the battery, and she was scared!" Ms. Xi said in a month after the incident, his stomach has not been too comfortable, and had their own plans to have a second child, now only ran aground. "At that time, the result of the business is to hit 15% off, I say harmful to the body, go to the hospital to see how to deal with."." Hong said, when the merchant did not dare to careless, hurriedly sent accompanied Mr. Hong’s wife and children went to the hospital to check. Go to the hospital, the doctor said there are two methods, or gastric lavage, or a large number of the first drink spit again, drinking water, day two people very nervous, on the first day in the past, this is not something acute. Although no check out what the problem is, but Mr. Hong is always anxious and fearful. Subsequently, in the coordination of shopping malls, businesses are willing to give certain compensation to Mr. hong. If the agreement is signed, forty-one thousand people are agreed to pay compensation. If the money is collected, they may not exercise any responsibility for them in any name." Mr. Hong said, for such a deal, he does not endorse, "his wife and children’s health can’t be bought, there is no sign of course." As a result, the mediation reached an impasse and the matter dragged on. So why is there a battery five in the pot? "The waiter said it might be from the condiment bag, unified delivery by the group, the package down." Today, Mr. Hong and his wife again find this fish shop, although the manager came to the store, but he said no matter, need to wait for the reply of the Shanghai headquarters. Three pm ayue fish headquarters staff had a telephone call to reporters, said the shop after the incident accompanied by Ms. Xi et al went to Wuxi, Shanghai and other places in the hospital to do the relevant inspection, results showed that the normal index, the related provisions of Mr. Hong’s request, the shop need further deliberation. At present, Mr. Hong expressed his intention to follow the judicial procedure to safeguard his rights and interests. Expanding video: nothing to do with the original text. Import baby milk powder and eat half condom

市民烤鱼里吃出5号电池 店家愿赔偿8万遭拒绝 香辣烤鱼是不少市民追捧的川味美食,市民洪先生一家也是辣食主义,可8月26日底洪先生一家在滨湖万象城一家鱼酷烤鱼店中午就餐时发生了十分惊恐的一幕。点了一道名为“麻辣诱惑”的烤鱼,吃着很美味,但吃完后在盘底竟然吃出了一节5号干电池,更让洪先生一家后怕的是,这节电池被刀劈成两半,电池中的有毒重金属已完全渗浸入汤汁中。洪先生的妻子奚女士说,两个月后的今天自己再回想起当初的一幕还觉得十分后怕,担心电池中的重金属元素食用后危害身体。“当时我姐姐发现的,当时以为是虎皮青椒,后来才看清是节电池,当场吓坏了!”奚女士说,在事发后的一个月内,自己的肠胃一直都不太舒服,原本自己还有要二胎的计划,现在都只能搁浅了。“当时商家给的结果是打85折,我说对身体有害,赶紧去医院,看看怎么处理。”洪先生表示,当时商家也没敢马虎,连忙派人陪同洪先生老婆和孩子去了医院检查。去医院之后,医生说有两个方法,要么洗胃,要么大量先喝水吐了再看,喝水冲,当天两个人很紧张,当天就先过去了,这也不是急性的东西。尽管暂时没有检查出什么问题,但是洪先生心里一直是惴惴不安。随后,在商场方的协调下,商家也愿意给洪先生一定的赔偿。“签了协议,同意赔偿四万一个人,如果说收了这笔钱,不得再以任何名义行使追究他们的任何责任。”洪先生表示,对于这样的协议,他完全不认可,“老婆孩子的身体健康不能就这样被买断了,当然也就没有签字。”这样一来,调解陷入僵局,此事也就拖了下来。那么锅里为何会有五号电池呢?“服务员说可能是从调料包里来的,统一由集团派送的,调料包里倒下去的。”今天洪先生和老婆再次上门找到了这家烤鱼店,尽管店长来到了店里,但是他表示无权处理此事,需要等待上海总店的答复。下午三点鱼酷烤鱼总店相关工作人员给记者打来了电话,称店方在事发后陪同奚女士等人去了无锡、上海等地的医院做了相关检查,结果都显示指标正常,就洪先生提出的相关条款要求,店方称需进一步商议。目前,洪先生一家表示会走司法程序来维护自己的权益。拓展视频:与原文无关。 进口婴儿奶粉吃出半截避孕套相关的主题文章: