Penguins slots war Experts say only poor compel low force to like animation!

Penguins slots: war? Experts say only poor compel low force to like animation! Hello, Hello, hello. I am a familiar penguin! Want to know the recent two – dimensional news hot spots? Do you want to hear the views and slots of the penguins on these hot spots? Please pay attention to the daily four p.m. the launch of the "Penguin" column Niang Tucao, we Be There Or Be Square yo! Zhou Jie, a former star, was besieged by all netizens because of a word – "only a low level of talent will use an expression!" Do you see any scientist and artist wrapped in expression? " But Zhou Jie is also justifiable to say such words. After all, the whole network is their own spoof expression. No matter who changes, it is a bit of a taste. But this time there is a Japanese expert ", said what low will only poor and forced love animation! This is really a language because the penguin mother ah (frightened)! No wonder penguins feel poor all the time. Are all the mistakes of anime? Last week, NHK television reported a poor families need support of girls, the various acquaintances flayer, the girls not only love cartoon very much, and bought many expensive merchandise to meet animation related activities. This event has set off an upsurge of public opinion in Japanese society. Recently, a Japanese brick family wrote that only the poor people who had no culture would like to star and anime. He even compared stars and anime to drugs. The brick house is Professor of Art Department of philosophy at University of the Arts in Osaka, called pure hill Yaozhang. He wrote that drugs and gambling are all things that can make people waste and produce violent crimes, so it is forbidden by many countries in the world. Japan is a resource poor country. In addition to producing high value-added goods, Japan’s lack of resources can only work hard on cultural output. Cultural aspects include sports stars, pop star idols, cartoon animation, mobile phone software and so on. Various occupation sports is like a drug can make people excited, uninterrupted broadcast Months and years pass by. sports occupation, addictive poisoning. And singer idol is a dream of trafficking, to create a fantasy dream, to take away people’s pursuit of life. Comics and animations are the same. Although anime looks very popular all over the world, it is a false impression. Anime is originally a thing for children to see, and it can be generally accepted because of the exciting sound and color, or violence and pornography. With these things, people will be as excited as gambling, sports stars and idol singers. These things, though not drugs, are comparable to drugs. Look at those people who live in poverty. They have little income, they can’t solve their necessities and lives well, but live in high rent streets, but the rooms are all ragged, which is the typical stupid and impoverished layer of modern times. I have problems in my life, but I want to pursue other people’s illusory things, surrounded by meaningless brand goods, sports stars, singer stars, and anime. Living in the most expensive mobile phone calls is, for one another, money is better than to make money fast. The poorer people will like sports stars, singer idols, cartoons, mobile phones and other drugs. They can induce excitement in a short time, but these things are poisonous. They will only make life worse. It is necessary for the poor to increase their cultural level. In a word, the brick family means, like anime and drug use… You can’t help chopping your hands because of the temptation of all kinds of surrounding products. In fact, Penguin feels this view is a bit too map cannon. There are many crazy fans in the world. Many people are willing to spend a lot of time and money for their interests. And, in contrast, the money that you like to pay for the two – time dollar is less than that of a lot of interest. The other hand, there are a lot of people in this world love animation, but that also would go to fling caution to the winds over the exhibition to buy people around, or very little, after all, some of the frenzied animation are very expensive! Today, the animated movie "sailing King: GOLD" has achieved excellent results in Japan. Japan’s Deli, which specializes in the manufacture and sale of precious metals and its products, has restricted the sale of a pure gold made by 24K since August 1, 2016. In the "Sea King: GOLD film" the road flies eat fruit and gold "gold emperor’s · Thailand Zolo launched a fierce battle, but Xiwai also did not miss this business opportunity to make money, homeopathy has launched the" golden road to fly". It is reported that "Golden Road fly" to try to retain the original appearance of Lu Fei to the greatest extent, repeatedly tried many times to modify it before attempting to form it, and there are two sizes of large and small size. The big size is all high 180mm, weighs 1300g, the price is 20 million yen (approximately 1 million 270 thousand yuan). The trumpet is all high 100mm and weighs 32g. The price is 650 thousand yen (approximately 41 thousand and 300 yuan). The two models of "Golden Road" are made with 24K pure gold. Can afford this gold hand is too nouveau riche! The penguins are just watering their lips on the screen. But then again, many anime fans are collecting control, whether it is to do or DVDs or anime cards like love collectors like to buy buy buy, so they are bored or say to these things because when moving and other reasons have to deal with, you pocket money Comrades can leak! People who know anime and anime should listen to the day. They can buy all kinds of magical things on it, but they still can’t match a certain treasure of my big day. But recently, there was an amazing auction information on the day. According to the producer, because the self operated store is not well managed, it will be closed in the near future. The packaged "game king" card actually has 150 thousand, including holographic HR25 Zhang, Zhang SER1200, silver pieces more than UR6000, UTR2000 stereo pyramid around, face about SR6000 flash flash explosion, PR800, NPR200, Zhang Zhang, Zhang Ping, gold GR1000 about NR1500 about Abraham Pinca, N12 million, and other rare card is unclear about 200 and unopened card package. The total number is 150 thousand, with a total weight of nearly 200kg. The postage can be the rhythm of the dead. At present, the seller will start the auction on July 9th, with a price of 5 million yen (about 330 thousand). As soon as the news was published, the crowd was brought to the crowd: "is this a rookie bag for the people who are ready to start the shop?" "The most valuable card should have been dealt with by the author, and now it is just to deal with the 150 thousand pieces of garbage." "This building should be the product of the person’s own cover, for the purpose of attracting people to auction." "Look, the face put out is worth about 2 million of the look, call the price of 5 million, funny." Not to mention that the 150 thousand cards are not worth 5 million yen. The amount is scary. It’s a great project to buy cards that you want to find out. Yesterday’s "Penguin Niang slots: do you make your girlfriend’s first purpose for H?" The friends of the Chinese network responded warmly, and the penguin niangs listed some representative opinions. Do you agree with your ideas? Well, today’s "Penguin slots" is here! What do you think about today’s slots? Welcome to comments in the commentary area to discuss your opinion! For the wonderful comments, the penguins will invite you to the list and give you a good compliment. Please share your answers to all of the penguins Niang also will pick wonderful comments Tucao in the next programme, looking forward to your answer! So today’s problem is – you agree with what the experts say, "only the poor low force will like animation!" This point of view? Click download Tencent animation APP, see more popular animation works [copyright notice: This article is exclusive Tencent cartoons, unauthorized, no reprint, otherwise it will be investigated for legal liability. ]

企鹅娘吐槽:开战?专家称只有穷逼low逼才会喜欢动漫!哈喽大家好!我是大家熟悉的企鹅娘!想了解近期的二次元新闻热点吗?想听听企鹅娘对这些热点的看法和吐槽吗?敬请关注每日下午四点推出的《企鹅娘吐槽》栏目,我们不见不散哟!曾经明星周杰就因为一句话而遭到了全体网民的围攻——“只有低层次的人才会用表情包!你们看到哪个科学家艺术家用表情包了?”不过周杰说出来这种话倒也是情有可原,毕竟全网络上都是自己的恶搞表情包,不管换谁心里都有点不是滋味吧?不过这一段时间又有一个日本专家口出狂言,说什么只有穷逼和low逼才会喜欢动漫!这真是一语点醒了企鹅娘啊(害怕得瑟瑟发抖)!难怪企鹅娘感觉自己一直都很穷,原来全都是动漫的错吗?上周NHK电视台报道了一位家庭贫困需要资助的女生,结果被各路熟人扒皮,该女生不但非常喜欢动漫,而且购买过许多昂贵的周边商品还去过动画相关的见面会活动。这个事件在日本社会掀起了舆论的热潮。近来,有位日本砖家对此事撰文表示只有没文化的穷人才会追星喜欢动漫,他甚至把明星和动漫比作毒品。这位砖家是日本大阪艺术大学的艺术学部哲学教授,名叫纯丘曜彰。他撰文称,毒品和赌博都是能够让人精神荒废并产生暴力犯罪的东西,所以才会被世界多国禁止。日本是个资源贫乏的国家,缺乏资源的日本除了生产高附加值的商品外,只能在文化输出上下功夫。而文化方面的内容包括体育明星、歌星偶像、漫画动画、手机软件等。各种职业体育比赛就像是毒品一样可以让人兴奋,长年累月不间断地播出职业体育比赛,会让人上瘾中毒。而歌星偶像则是一种贩卖梦想的职业,给人营造出虚幻的梦想,卷走人们对生活的追求。漫画和动画也一样,虽然动漫看起来在全世界都很有人气,但那都是假象。动漫本来是给小孩子看的东西,能够被普遍接受是因为加入了有刺激作用的声音和色彩,或者暴力和色情。在这些东西的挑拨下,人们会像赌博、迷恋体育明星和偶像歌手那样亢奋沉迷。这些东西尽管不是毒品却堪比毒品。看看那些生活贫困的人,收入很少,衣食住行都不能很好地解决,却住在租金很高的街道,但房间里全是破烂,这就是现代典型的愚蠢贫困层。自己的生活都有问题,却还要去追求别人营造出的虚幻的东西,身边全是些没有意义的名牌货、体育明星周边、歌星偶像周边、动漫周边。生活费里花销最大的就是话费,手机换了一部又一部,花钱总比赚钱快。越穷困的人才会越喜欢体育明星、歌星偶像、漫画动画、手机软件这些和毒品一样的东西,虽然可以在短时间内诱发兴奋,但这些东西都是有毒的,它们只会使生活状况不断恶化。穷人们有必要增加自己的文化水平。总之这位砖家的意思就是,喜欢动漫就和吸毒一样……你会因为各种周边产品的诱惑而忍不住去剁手。其实企鹅娘感觉这个观点未免有点太地图炮了,这世界上疯狂的粉丝很多,很多人都愿意为了自己的兴趣付出大把时间和金钱。而且相对来说,喜欢二次元需要付出的金钱在众多兴趣中已经算是少的了。换个角度来讲,这世界上喜欢动漫的人有很多,但是那种不顾一切倾家荡产也要去逛漫展买周边的人,还是非常少的,毕竟有些丧心病狂的动漫周边确实都非常贵啊!如今动画电影《航海王:GOLD》在日本已经取得了非常优异的成绩,日本专门从事贵金属及其制品制造、贩售的德力本店从2016年8月1日起,限定贩售一款24K纯金打造的路飞像。在《航海王:GOLD》的电影中路飞与吃了黄金果实的“黄金帝”吉尔德·泰佐洛展开了激烈的战斗,而戏外的商家也丝毫没有错过这个赚钱的机会,顺势推出了“黄金路飞”。据悉,“黄金路飞”为了最大程度地保留路飞的原貌,反复进行了多次修改尝试才最终成型,并且有大号和小号两个尺寸。大号全高180mm,重1300g,价格为2000万日元(约合人民币127万元)。小号全高100mm,重32g,价格为65万日元(约合人民币4.13万元)。两个型号的“黄金路飞”都是用24K纯金打造。能买得起这种纯金手办的实在是太土豪了!企鹅娘也就只有对着屏幕流口水的份了。不过话又说回来,很多动漫迷们都是收集控,不管是手办还是光碟或者是动漫卡片都喜欢像集邮一样买买买,那么等他们对这些东西腻味了或者说因为搬家等原因不得不处理的时候,各位兜里没钱的同志们就可以来捡漏喽!熟知动漫的小伙伴们们应该听过日拍吧,在上面能够买到各种神奇的东西,但是还是比不上我大天朝的某宝。不过近日,日拍上出现了一条惊人的拍卖信息。据出品人介绍,因为自营的店铺经营不善,将于近期关门歇业,特此将店面库存的《游戏王》卡牌打包拍卖出售。而打包的《游戏王》卡牌居然有15万张,其中包含全息HR25张,银碎SER1200张左右、立体UTR2000张以上、金字UR6000张左右、面闪SR6000张左右、爆闪PR800张左右、平爆NPR200张以上、黄金GR1000张左右、平罕NR1500张左右、平卡N12万张左右,以及其他稀有度不明卡牌约200张以和未开封的卡包。合计15万张,总重近有200kg。邮费都能贵死人的节奏啊。目前出品人将拍卖日将于7月9日,以500万日元(约合人民币33万)的价格起拍。消息一经发布便引来各路群众强势围观:“这是给准备开店的人的新手大礼包吗?”“话说最值钱的卡片应该已经被出品人处理掉了吧,现在拿出来拍卖只是为了处理这15万张垃圾吧。”“这楼应该就是出品人自己盖的吧,为的就是吸引人来拍卖。”“看了下,面上放出来的也就值个200万左右的样子,叫价500万,搞笑的吧。”且不说这15万张卡片值不值500万日元,光是这个数量就已经够吓人的了,买回来想要找出自己需要的卡片都是一件浩大的工程。昨天的《企鹅娘吐槽:你们交女朋友的首要目的就是为了H吗?》中网友们回复热烈,在此企鹅娘列举出了一些具有代表性的意见,是否和你的想法一致呢? 好了,今天的《企鹅娘吐槽》就到这里了!对于今天的吐槽你有什么看法呢?欢迎在评论区留言讨论你的看法!对于精彩的评论,企鹅娘都会邀你上榜并好好地夸奖你哟!请把你的答案分享给大家,企鹅娘也会挑选出精彩的评论在下期的节目中进行吐槽,期待你们的答案!那么今天的问题是——你同意专家所说的“只有穷逼low逼才会喜欢动漫!”这个观点吗?点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品【版权声明:本文是腾讯动漫独家稿件,未经授权,不得转载,否则将追究法律责任。】相关的主题文章: