Pan Jinlian was recognized by the audience was praised by the breakthrough of Fan

"Pan Jinlian" won the audience recognized Fan Bingbing is like Jing Yawen Wang Yuanhong Liu Jiaqi Sina camera breakthrough entertainment news November 15th, Feng Xiaogang [micro-blog]: "I am not Pan Jinlian" world premiere held in Beijing. The premiere of laughter, screenwriter Liu Zhenyun jokes that his math than literature, and his results is: "today the total laughter is 86 times, 21 times is laughing." In the investigation of viewing after the mapping, 15 in an interview with the audience of the movie gives high evaluation, circular frame has been recognized, Fan Bingbing [micro-blog], Wei Fan [micro-blog], Dapeng [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Zhang Yi, Zhang Jiayi, Yu Hewei and Zhao Lixin [micro-blog] the acting recognized. Does the movie look good? The audience to play more than 95 points high due to the premiere held at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, regardless of the screen or the seat is not standard, with actor Liu Hua [micro-blog] words, is "too uncomfortable". However, this did not affect the audience’s evaluation of the film, the basic gives a very good-looking, particularly good. Audience rating is generally more than 90 points, the lowest also given a score of 85. Three middle-aged female audience hit 100 points, and even a young male audience gives a score of 101. Did the audience laugh? Liu Hua, Fan Weicheng played a joke has always been good at comedy, and this time to take the irony of the film and the story of the absurd, the black humor can not be without the least. Screenwriter Liu Zhenyun live statistics: today, the audience is a total of 86 laughter, laughter is the 21." Liu Zhenyun also revealed that at the Jinan University point, laughter is more than this, but he told Feng Xiaogang, but the director said: "do not say, say no one letter, a comedy a total laugh 20 times a good laugh, laugh 3 times on the good." Liu Zhenyun smiled and said: "I like Li Xuelian, really can not come true." At the Toronto Film Festival in Canada’s first show, Fan Bingbing and Mirs appeared out of the eight pole could not beat the relatives, the audience was amused. This time, the premiere and overseas audiences of the bursting point is a little different, although the first 20 minutes and no laughter, but in Liu Hua out after the viewing experience is getting better. A play of Liu Hua triggered a chain of smile, Zhang Jiayi, Yu Hewei, Zhang Yi, Guo Tao, Peng [micro-blog] and Wei Fan scenes are several times to amuse the audience. Circular frame audience look like? The basic look like, but Feng Xiaogang beat There are both advantages and disadvantages. "I am not Pan Jinlian" willful to screen is circular and square frame, and full frame format two. Most of the audience are acceptable, and people think that the circular frame is particularly suitable for this movie. One of the respondents think the audience only premiere set up a special circular frame, in that it is the design of Feng Xiaogang, he said, can accept. Have an audience that has never seen the circular frame, are not accustomed to the beginning, but soon accepted. There are two respondents on the round screen is not acceptable, one thought that the picture is much smaller, there is one相关的主题文章: