South Korea’s top 10 handsome send intelligence foot in front of the opponent no secrets-winbook

South Korea will send 10 handsome "intelligence" country foot in front of the opponent no secret jinyingquan and Gao Lin in the September 1st World Cup round of 12 Asian confrontation between China and South Korea is approaching, the national team’s China today will be officially full of 25 people, set off to Seoul tomorrow. The South Korean team, 20 people have to follow the prescribed order training in preparation for deployment. Because the South Korean team to prepare for the list of 5 players from the Super League, it can be said that the "high military" in South Korea appears to have no secret at all, the Orangemen of South Korea’s defense is also quite familiar with. However, most of the South Korean team attacking players in Europe, the Orangemen only Zhang Yuning returnees. In contrast, the overall strength of the Korean team in the "dark", and "high" in the Ming army completely". South Korea will send 10 handsome "intelligence" country foot in front of the opponent no secret South Korea’s current training squad with Kim, Zhang Xianxiu, Jin Jixi, Zheng Yourong, Hong is 5 players played in the super; and Zhang Xianxiu, Hong jinyingquan, is the Guangzhou Hengda, Guangzhou Fu force, Jiangsu Jiangsu Ning 3 clubs had a total of 12 China international, they are well acquainted with each other. Jin Jixi’s Shanghai Shenhua although no selected country foot, but he lives in Shanghai in Hong Kong on the array of 3 internationals at. From this point of view, in September 1st the war between China and South Korea is likely to evolve into a super derby". According to South Korean media reports, Hong is good, Jin Yingquan, 3 people basically locked for the South Korean team, the main line of defense after the. Hong jinyingquan may just partner defender, they start from the Han Guoqing, Olympic, the Orangemen grew up together. Although Zhang Xianxiu is older than the two of them a bit, but the South Korean media, the most promising defender, all the positions he can play the back of the line, can even play midfielder and striker. South Korean media reports, several players from the Super League and the South Korean coach Stielike has carried on the detailed talks, the players they have China emerge in its totality. Hong Zhenghao, Kim Yong, Zhang Xianxiu believes that the biggest threat to the offensive side of the country from the end of the war, and they will seriously study how to defend the defense of the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and China, the United States and the United States, the United states. In addition to the 5 South Korean players, as well as Pu Taixia, Li Zhangzhu, super Hong Mingfu and Zhang Wailong, 5 South Korean coach cuilong zhu. Both of China football at the Li Zhangzhu of the 5, has served as South Korea coach Hong Mingfu, they have all related information and suggestions to the South Korean Football Association official. It is reported that their consistent advice is: Chinese international is currently common injuries and extreme fatigue, the South Korean team must seize the stamina and speed advantage, fight pressure attack. Familiar with the team China Korean coach for South Korea Football Association weapon group VS Zhang Yuning in Europe returned South Korea football team in South Korea the largest gap between the current 20 list, only 3 people in South Korea K League, were Li Zaicheng, right, and Li chang. 31 year old goalkeeper Zheng Chenglong is the oldest in the team, the youngest is only the age of 20, he and Jin Min, and are not previously represented by the South Korean team played the new team of. South Korean media that the South Korean team gathered a list of the London Olympic bronze medal in the 89 ‘generation, the Inchon Asian Games gold medal 91’ generation and;相关的主题文章:

Modified TOYOTA dazzle Shenzhen discount of 3 thousand small car-incubus

Modified TOYOTA to dazzle the Shenzhen discount of 3 thousand small car market promotion time: 2016.10.9-2016.10.15 2016 TOYOTA dazzle facelift 1.5G version CVT Xuandong Phoenix Automotive News price information: Recently, Phoenix area editor learned from the Shenzhen Guangzhou TOYOTA 4S shop at wal run enterprises, the store 2016 facelift dazzle models have a small car in the sale of Car Buying, the maximum discount of 3000 yuan, to the store to get more gifts. Interested parties may wish to pay attention to this model. Please see the table below: to dazzle the latest price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of car 2016 facelift 1.3L manual 6.98 smart version 6.68 inquiry 0.30 small car 2016 facelift 1.3E manual megacool version 7.68 7.38 inquiry of 0.30 small car 2016 facelift 1.3E CVT megacool the 8.18 version of the 8.48 inquiry of 0.30 small car 2016 facelift 1.5E CVT megacool version 8.78 8.48 inquiry of 0.30 small car 2016 facelift 1.5G manual version 8.78 Xuandong 8.48 inquiry of 0.30 small car 2016 facelift 1.5G CVT version 9.58 Xuandong 9.28 inquiry of 0.30 small car 2016 facelift 1.5G CVT Xuandong sunroof version of the 9.78 9.48 inquiry 0.30 small car 2016 facelift 1.5GS CVT version 10.48 10.18 inquiry Yuedong 0.30 small car more concessions please contact the dealer free consultation telephone: 400- 068-1313 to the market in October 9, 86092016 2016 TOYOTA tab: Phoenix car dazzle facelift 1.5G CVT version of the financial policy: Xuandong insurance, 2014 to 1.3 manual smart version as an example, the first car insurance costs 4 thousand yuan. Loans, according to the central bank’s benchmark interest rate down payment of three years, down payment of about 35 thousand yuan, about $1 thousand and 500 for the month. Specific costs based on models to store accounting prevail. Maintenance costs: dazzle models to enjoy 3 years or 100 thousand km vehicle warranty. Regular maintenance cycle for every 5000 km to replace oil, machine filter, the cost of about 400 yuan. Replace the oil filter costs about 500 yuan, the maintenance fee is only as a reference, because of differences in different maintenance materials will cause maintenance costs. Specific costs according to different models in order to store accounting prevail. Vehicle maintenance insurance information table information maintenance warranty period of 3 years or 100 thousand km maintenance cycle 5000 kilometers replace the oil filter costs about $400 to replace the oil filter costs about 500 yuan loan insurance first year insurance costs 4 thousand yuan first)相关的主题文章:

North Road, a number of points to complete the transformation of the vehicle queue length shortened -x3210

Since the true north more congestion points renovation completed vehicle queue length shorten rectification carried out, the city traffic police according to the traffic change and road construction, re design or optimization of traffic signal control, improve traffic capacity, promote congested intersection road traffic facilities "small leather" project. Recently, the Putuo police for the transformation of the north along the intersection, adjust the lane entrance, increase car storage capacity, reduce conflict, really along North Road Congestion significantly improved, the peak time of vehicle queue length was significantly shortened. North Tongchuan Road intersection intersection occupied the left turn cause congestion problems: Transformation of the former, true north road Tongchuan Road intersection, turn left turn left (North North) vehicles, resulting in the left turn vehicles at the intersection of straight lane occupancy and forced change caused by traffic congestion. Measures: deepen the use in the area of the loop overhead projection road free, the new extension of the left turn lane, turn left into the original closed projection (mainline channel 50 meters away from the intersection), adjusted to about 200 meters away from the intersection of Tongchuan, and set the two step projection line entrance into a loop (for one. For the ground into) to reduce traffic pressure increases, the left turn lane car storage capacity. After the transformation, the queue length of the imported vehicles in North China is obviously shortened, the average length of the queue is shortened, and the traffic order is improved. True north facing traffic high import Taopu northbound lane less embarrassed: traffic lanes, high, North East left many vehicles. North inlet channelization only one left, has been, with a right three lane, as many vehicles turn left and the main line is the two lane, resulting in a left turn vehicle obstruction straight traffic. Measures: the use of the west side of the intersection of a wide range of conditions, a new non motorized vehicles. At the same time, the adjustment of non isolated green belt and open the channel, the original non motorized vehicle lane as. In addition, the adjustment of the intersection of the original one left has been right 3 lanes adjusted to two left, has been, with the right of the lane 4. Today, after the transformation of the left turn and straight line interference effectively improve the peak period of vehicle queuing length of about 80 meters in average. Really true north south road to import large quantities of non motor vehicles out of the way: turn left, turn left turn and right turn vehicles, a large number of non motor vehicles stuck in the right turn lane before the turn, vehicles can not pass due to the main line into the auxiliary channel channel on the road near the mouth is really caused by the road car storage capacity is low, the right vehicle came in on the main line, leading to the road south to North Vehicle queues. Measures: closed the main line into the auxiliary channel (35 meters away from the intersection), adjusted to the South Road, about 100 meters away from the truth, so that the right turn vehicle into the eastern side of the road ahead. At the same time, along the eastern side of the road to adjust the sidewalk greening, and a new non motorized vehicles to increase traffic area. In addition, the right turn to increase the motor vehicle lane, so that the south side of the east side of the entrance of the original "one right and one lane" adjustment to "two". The other is the new "south south loop channel in turn". True North Road (Gulang road – Wuwei Road) only two lanes and mixed traffic problems: road is only two lanes and mixed, South to the north to Wuwei left many vehicles, because the left lane change exit position from the intersection of Wuwei is near the main straight line is the left turn vehicles blocked vehicles to enter).相关的主题文章: