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Pa Pa 10 90 little meat and the Sina affair scandal boiled a love letter to Chen Xuedong entertainment columnist Peng Xinchen hotel room, Gloria Tang Beijing Huachen Yu Qingsheng, Liu Haoran Tan Songyun sex scandal with Wu Yifan and G, raise a Babel of criticism of, Wu Yi tangled, Fan Minghui students become lovers, Jiang Chao. Medina, Marco Wang Danni fell in love, a bed love may wish to scrabble 10 90 little meat really like love gossip. 1. Chen Xuedong Chen Xuedong since 2012 after the debut, in addition to being friends laugh and Guo Jingming a lot, rarely gossip, but recently all star was photographed on him in a hotel room in the same night without picture with actress Peng Xinchen, suspected love exposure, it is reported that two people are both classmates, and colleagues (Peng Xinchen Chen Xuedong studio it is "), signing artists waterside pavilion" "energy-saving", but as a love letter issued, the two parties have not yet responded. 2. Hua Chenyu at the beginning of February this year, the media photographed Hua Chenyu’s birthday, Gloria Tang deliberately rushed to Beijing Huachen Yu apartment for their birthday, after two more with the box at the airport, close to the hot chat, which has intimate brilliance Yu stroked Gloria Tang’s hair, suspected sit real love, in this regard, the twobrokerage companies did not respond, and Gloria Tang to attend an event is domineering said: sister did not want to talk about private life. 3. Liu Haoran Liu Haoran and Ouyang Nana in 2013, because of the cooperation of the "Beijing love story" rumored, although two people timely clarification, but by the netizen YY, in January this year, Liu Haoran photographed with the 7 year old Tan Songyun suspected "tryst" photos, but in May, Liu Haoran’s agent Liu Haoran has responded to Tan Songyun, single. Ouyang Nana is a friend, and for the media and friends. Three of them. 4. Zhang Yishan Zhang Yishan adult love life is quite mysterious, has claimed that his current girlfriend is a university student, in the "The Flowers Of War" play "vanilla" "girl" in the snow, Zhang Yishan did not deny nor admit, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. 5. Yang Yang since Yang Yang Victoria Song signed with a broker, the two love has spread, recently the two love again fired Victoria Song in September 7th, Yang Yang finally have issued a statement, said Victoria Song still refused the network rumors, while micro-blog said: "I am currently single, and declined to have self-knowledge, speculation, declined to lose." The attitude has shown that a love letter think watching people can eat melon wash sleep. 6. Wu Yifan Wu Yifan in mid June of this year, the accident involved with the small G Na (Huang Kaijia) and several other women gossip entanglements, then caused a huge controversy on the Internet, although the final event of the image of Wu Yifan and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, but the reputation is so damaged. 7. In September 2015 Wu Yi, Wu Yi and Fan Minghui Red Net affair was exposed, the media photographed two people from the airport straight home, behave very close, according to a letter to bed, Wu Yi van Minghui is studying in Canada when students, 2013 two people already fell in love, the woman had been repeatedly in the network and a variety of sun)相关的主题文章: