Outbound travel to Southeast Asia favored domestic silk road tour heat-aspack

Outbound travel to Southeast Asia favored domestic silk road tour heat is a golden week this year, eleven domestic and overseas tourism market has changed? More and more senior Chinese tourists will play what kind of new tricks? This year, China will become the world’s eleven golden week, tourists are expected to hit a record high, hot cities, scenic spots will be occupied by Chinese tourists. Outbound popular again in a few days, National Day travel boom will come to. The National Day this year, the tourism market is still hot "hot", compared to the summer family fun users as the main force, similar to the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, National Day travel booking travel products group is still young white-collar employees; and a short tour around the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, short-term travel abroad more popular, and the same time as the National Day holidays can "make", domestic long-term travel and tour more popular. Because of long-term travel with the group more worry and effort, therefore, this year the national mission, booking a tour with the group products still accounted for the majority of users. Do not want to endure ten hours of flight "torture" users, is still choose a narrow strip of water Japan and South Korea and Southeast Asian countries and regions. It has been a golden week outbound Thailand, Korea and Japan in a situation of tripartite confrontation situation. This year, who will become the biggest winner of outbound travel? From the current tour with the group, free travel, cruise and other products booking situation, the current enrollment is the largest number of South Korea, followed by Thailand and japan. As a result of the visa issue, the Japanese product registration is nearing completion, the winner is expected to be generated between HANKOOK. South Korea recovered from the shadow of Mers last year, is expected to receive a golden week will be a substantial increase over last year, Thailand may become the biggest winner of outbound travel. Shopping, Korean Starchaser, health examination and other specialty products, with high cost, and the flight is the main reason for visa facilitation, South Korea China attract tourists. Japan won three, one of the most enthusiastic outbound destinations for tourists during the eleven China, Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, Kyushu and so will the emergence of a large number of tourists Chinese, free tourists travel with the group is expected to exceed. Fan Changya said Japan this year as the exchange rate rise, is expected to eleven Japanese tour "explosive buy" would be cool, with delicacy, maple, bathing, and other characteristics of cultural experience. In addition, learned from the travel agency, with Thailand before the National Day against low-cost group, resulting in domestic Thailand tour prices generally rose sharply, and the pure play group will become the Golden Week travel free Futai mainstream choice. From the travel application situation, high-end products in pure play group due to no shopping experience better common hot. It is worth noting that, because Thailand landing visa prices since September 27th, the price doubled from 190 yuan to 380 yuan, significantly higher than that of conventional Thailand visa fee (340 yuan); and because the southeast landing visa should arrive at after queuing for one season, do not rule out the waiting time is longer. Therefore, CITS staff to remind the advance in the country the visa is a wise choice, Thailand visa processing time takes about 5 working days. The eleven holiday is one of the national holidays in a year long, is a good time to exit the tour. Reporters learned that this year by visa convenience, flight encryption, exchange rate fluctuations, changes in supply and demand and other factors, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia and the sea.相关的主题文章: