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Organic food, or climb Gunda for 15 years without megbox pictures from the network recently, the 11 departments of the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of science and technology, Environmental Protection Administration jointly issued a number of opinions, actively promote the organic food industry, the development of a group of closely related with people’s daily life organic vegetables, grain, livestock, tea etc.. Organic food, which is not known to the people of environmental protection food, once again become the focus of attention of the industry, but also have more expectations. In 15 years, the market share of less than 0.1% it is reported that, from the beginning to the present development, organic food has 15 years of history, but 15 years or climb Gunda and did not let the environmental protection at present the highest level of food industry, the real development, did not really come into people’s table. Statistics show that, at present, China’s organic food accounted for less than 0.1% of the total market share of food, far below the world average of 2%. Nanjing is the birthplace of one of the early organic food, Nanjing Siyuan Organic Food Co. Ltd. the start of more than 2 thousand acres of organic food production base in Lishui, the production of vegetables, rice, tea and so on. Nanjing global organic food research and consulting center director seats transport officer told reporters frankly: "over the past 10 years, Nanjing organic food industry development is relatively slow, so far through the certification and has certain effect on 3. Organic food is also difficult to see traces of the Nanjing market, market development almost did not start." The price is high attestation is restricted to develop the reason that organic food develops slow? Xi Yun said that the price is high, is currently an important reason for organic food can not quickly enter the public table. The price of organic food is about 1 times higher than that of ordinary food. This high price is determined by the cost of its production, the atmosphere, water and other factors of production as well as the source of raw materials, processing, technical requirements, certification requirements are very strict. Lack of strong supervision and management, standard certification confusion, is an important reason for restricting the rapid development of organic food. According to reports, the country has not a unified industry standard, engaged in organic food certification agencies have ten, all individual certification bodies and even each acts in his own way, illegal operations, a certification, leading to some organic food The name falls short of the reality. And it is this chaotic situation, so that organic food has not yet been an authoritative national identity, domestic organic food exports are often blocked. Urgent need to expand the information industry to show that the general food contains less than half of the organic food, and most contain chemical toxins. Because of this, in recent years, the value of organic food are gradually recognized by people, especially in the developed countries, organic food sales growth rate in more than 20% years, only in the U.S. market has annual sales of more than $5 billion. In China, although the organic food market share is still relatively small, but growth is also more obvious. The organic food industry has been known as the sunrise industry with great potential in twenty-first Century. The country’s 11 departments jointly issued opinions, requiring the development of organic food, it is to see its huge potential for development. It is reported that the views of the region around the organic food industry to develop the work of the guiding ideology, objectives.相关的主题文章: