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Oral: a monthly salary of ten thousand couples to four thousand parents, relatives accused me of unfilial as an ordinary woman, married to Guzhe own little family, was busy, and there is still a boy at home depend on me, really feel very helpless. There are three children in my family, my sister, my brother and me. My sister is quite early marriage, husband is ordinary workers, there are now two children, she takes care of the children at home, life is also do not have much spare cash. My brother is very smart minded people, although there is no stable job, but by doing some business with others, there are tens of thousands a month, he can earn money, but his own idle away in seeking pleasure earn a month, how much money will be left, and his wife managed strictly, never regardless of my parents. I have a job with my husband, my salary four thousand, my husband, now has a child, because we have to go to work, so my parents in law to help me with. Whether it is before marriage, or now, my parents have been asking me for money. They don’t have a job now, and they don’t have a pension. My father is in poor health, a moonlight is two thousand of the medical expenses, in addition to this I have to give them an additional as a living expenses of $more than 1 thousand. My mother likes it, too, her mouth to pick, eat the fruit of love to eat durian, avocado, imported grapes these, she doesn’t eat ordinary a few dollars a pound of fruit. She always asked me to buy things on the Internet to send her, what nuts, edible olive oil, ah, ah, ah, these things a month on the small one thousand. I once said a few words of my mom, I said in my own home, eat is mixed with oil tens of dollars a bottle, why do you always have to buy two hundred or three hundred dollars a bottle of olive oil for relatives to scold me, that my parents when I grow up I had better make money not so heartless. My parents love me this is the truth, but my money is not good. My husband and I earn a lot, but not enough, just to the two parents will pay all my husband, but also complain about my husband, my husband a month before his home two thousand. I’m not saying I don’t want to family, parents raise me for so many years, I am not a filial person, if I am the only child now, even hard so I have nothing to say, but I have three children, why should take the burden on me? Article source (touch less than emotional blog) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: