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Business CAT 2009 will be a .puter Based Test and of course this is definitely a breaking news for every CAT aspirant. Though the IIMs declared that the standard of CAT 2009 will remain the same, every aspirant is definitely worried about the strategy that must be adopted to score high in the CAT exam. But , as always, if your CAT preparation is up to the mark, even am online CAT cannot be a challenge for you. CAT 2009 will be of 135 minutes with 60 to 70 standard CAT questions. The most important thing that you should remember is that you will not have the advantage of touching the CAT paper as everything will be on a screen. Underlining important phrases and words, doing quick calculations next to the CAT question itself, making arrow pointers etc, are not possible now. Most of all the CAT RC section will get affected. You have to read lesser words per line and keep scrolling down which itself is time consuming. Hence strategise accordingly. Here are some tips to handle CAT 2009 1) Stop taking paper based CAT tests and practice a good number of .puter Based Tests. Also make sure that you are taking as many full length CAT tests as possible and not just the sectional based CAT tests. This will ensure you get familiar with the mode of CAT 2009 exam. 2) By the time you take the original CAT exam your .fort level in using the mouse must be definitely good. On the day of CAT 2009, you should not be new to using a mouse and trying to figure out where the cursor is. Also, some of you who are familiar with the touch pad in the laptop must definitely look into this as you have to not only learn how to use a mouse but before that you must unlearn the procedure of using touch pad in the laptop. 3) Check the .fort levels of your eyes. Some of you may find it .fortable to spend an hour before .puter but not more than that. The ability to read from the screen may go down after a stipulated time. So it is very important to take a very good number of full length CAT tests and verify the same. If you feel that your efficiency levels of reading from the screen falls down after a stipulated time, you must consult a professional and rectify this defect. 4)Dont expect your test taking place to be a peaceful environment. There can be many means of distractions while taking CAT 2009 test and if you can ignore all such distractions, your chances of .ing out successful are definitely high. 5) The best preparation for CAT 2009 is to do as many routine reading things as possible online. For example, start reading news papers and magazines online. Reading a paper and reading on screen is very different. Your reading speed will definitely take a blow if you are not accustomed to reading on screen. 6) Though the role of keyboard is limited in the CAT 2009, there is no harm in knowing the basic functionality of keyboard. 7) If you believe in luck, then the CAT 2009 date can definitely make a difference. There will be 20 Online CATS in all, spread across two days (2 CATs per day). So which slot you get and on which day can be a differentiating factor. Those who booked your CAT 2009 slot for the latter half of the schedule should see that you are not influenced by rumors and those discussions in forums and websites. You must remember that though there could be some facts in such discussions they are not going to help you in increasing your CAT 2009 score. So, just concentrate on your normal CAT preparation and gear up for the CAT 2009 相关的主题文章: