On the train is now landlords Gang fraud Gang more than 87 months of crime-diying

The train is "Dou landlord Gang" fraud of more than a month of 87 cases of crime argot is King Day, Wang argot is, to make a fist meaning "fried", palm is not fried…… These are the fraud Gang cheating words, gesture. More than 1 months, these 10 crazy crime from the beginning of the year, footprints all over the 22 passenger trains, defrauding money totaling $68 thousand 87. Yesterday, the case in Xiangyang railway transportation court trial, 6 people have been in court for sentencing, sentenced to detention for 5 months to imprisonment ranging from 11 months in prison and fined. The train was invited to a "bomb" is also losing Henan in April 19th, Mr. He bought a K205 berth on train to Hanzhoung. After getting on the bus, he sat on the side of the bed, playing with his cell phone. After the train through the Xiangyang Railway Station, the two men came to the car, "who are you? Where is it? I’ll be arriving tomorrow." 3 people chat for a while, the two man proposed to play cards to pass the time. Would have nothing to do, he promised to play with the two landlords". "Light playing boring, let’s play a little money, 5 dollars and 10 dollars and 20 dollars, on a music chart." One of the men while licensing, said the rules of the game. See 10 dollars a, mr.. Get a license, Mr. ho is a little excited, luck is good, there are 3 "bomb". The man said, "then set a rule, fry doubled, up 20, two 40 five 320 fried fried……" I heart secretly pleased, he hastily agreed. But then the situation on the spot let Mr. Meng, the two men took turns out "bomb", and is bigger than his, a hand of seven or eight "bomb" left, Mr. He lost 640 yuan. Second, he also suffered heavy losses. Even lost two cards, more than 1000 yuan of money so no. "I always lose, they always have a good card, they have a number of landlords, and they always look at each other when playing cards." When the train come to the Shiyan Railway Station, the two men pretended to go to the bathroom, to left, he found himself fooled, hurried to the police. Words, gestures into homogeneous reporting card, card fraud case caused by the attention of the Xiangyang Railway Police Department, start major detection mechanism immediately dispatched nearly 70 police officers set up a task force investigation focusing on the train, key personnel. In May 19th, more than 50 police officers were dispatched to Hubei railway police department organization in Xiangyang Shiyan, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Dazhou, Hunan and Yueyang to expand the net action to implement the arrest of 14 suspects. In May 20th, with Wang in Hunan Changsha was arrested by public security organs, all 15 members of the gang arrested. It is reported that the gang by two to three people on the bus in the packet train, sleeper passenger invitation cards, the following before shuffling a "bomb" on the deck, shuffle, lift card only moving part, and a plurality of cards issued by the way, will be sent to the big self or associate. In the process of playing cards with each other, the use of body language, dialect, words, gestures and other methods for communication, adopt various means of cheating, so that visitors lose money, to cheat money. In this case, all those involved in setting up a card game.相关的主题文章: