On the makeup of God assisted — — — different beauty of the egg comes with the att-melia kreiling

Part makeup assistant — God beauty eggs with different attributes on the science foundation makeup is the most important step, is also the foundation makeup, a novice want uniform makeup Futie the difficulty is not small, a good foundation is a single product is one thing, the makeup of the technique is the key, novice only by the auxiliary tool to complement the day after tomorrow. So small to throw out a "beauty egg" to you, ask you to catch it, and then learn master back into me a perfect makeup face, thank you. As long as you love to see network video should know the red make-up gadgets, after all it Q and easy to use. 1 advantages than the traditional triangular sponge on makeup Futie, makeup delicate also leave no trace. 2 don’t waste foundation, do not eat the traditional sponge makeup makeup, eat your ability to understand, half of the foundation are sponge eat, is money! Makeup can be very refreshing, docile, perfect makeup with advantages of the product itself. 3 can be used repeatedly, with respect to the make-up brush more. Finally, the beauty of the egg can make you discover the new world is true. Disadvantages of brand beauty egg pricing is generally 3-4 times the traditional sponge, the use of two months or so in need of replacement, the price Different people, different views. Cleaning is difficult, there will be a corner make-up residue. The introduction of the advantages and disadvantages, now using the method, because the beauty of egg "Red Net" attribute, has many strange appearance, teardrop shaped and inclined shape, mini, double section, seal, gourd shaped. I do not know how to choose it, so you need my Amway. Drop shaped beauty eggs this is the first appearance of the beauty of the egg, but also our most common beauty egg shape. Novice must be good to get started, some people like to use the egg butt, then choose this is right, because other shapes are not so full so mellow. Ha ha ha ha ha in addition to makeup, it also has a hidden characteristics, use egg butt paste mud of high light blush point pressure on the face, the effect was better than you, brush ten thousand times, pointed nose eye can be used in small range. MINI drops of water, as the name suggests, is the shape of the water droplets mini, this little thing can do? In addition to the lovely, mainly for the details of the deal, both sides now, lip weeks, nose; when you want to draw a lip biting, with its blooming well; now the nose card powder? You need it. An egg is very obvious, it is characterized by a plane, in addition to the basic function on the foundation, it has the advantages of powder, powder to use this kind of egg cant choice suits again. Have seen double section egg pony God makeup, pony love the beauty of egg shape is very small, personally feel that the shape of the highest value of Yan; it is characterized by two equivalent plane, with a small section, convenient at the same time a multi-purpose, on one side of a facial makeup foundation small section details perfect concealer. Seal type beauty egg Meng shape, because we see Yan value of consumer groups, the shape of small personal feel function compared with other shape, and no special function for large area on the makeup, experience a sense of feeling rather peculiar, stamped on the face, on the bottom of the makeup is not easy mottle. Calabash gourd egg beauty buy foundation makeup into white snake to yourself, this is I think for a long time to describe its effect on the makeup.相关的主题文章: