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On the evening of 21 cold air Sichuan out haze on the evening of 21 cold air Sichuan de haze over the past 3 days, Chengdu highest temperature stable at 20 DEG C, down jacket is no longer out of standard, instead, is a mask. Haze yellow warning signal four bursts, the people of Chengdu while basking in the sun, while sucking haze, this taste really bad. For haze, cold air is a killer. However, this killer recent fighting force is not, in the subtropical and warm air pressure, it cannot move wandering between Mongolia plateau and the Arctic ocean. Fortunately, the cold air did not depressed, brewing for several days, cold air has the strongest "delivery" since the second half of this year, has now reached the Northwest border. According to the expected, 17~19, will first give the northwest cold air to cool down, the beginning of 20, it will burst into the northeast, in North china. When it comes to Sichuan, it should be 21 in the evening. Cool 6 degrees 9 degrees below the "cold weather" misinformation according to the Sichuan Provincial Meteorological Station forecast, November 21st evening, from the northwest to the South basin will have a more significant cooling precipitation process, 22~24, where the average daily temperature of the cumulative decline of 6 DEG ~9 DEG East, north, South and cooling rate of up to 9 C or above. 18, 2009, a month wide range of snow in Sichuan, the news on the Internet crazy pass, and said the 23~26 province will appear in the coldest weather since 1992. However, this has been a meteorological station in Sichuan province. In the cold air, with 4~6 northerly winds, mountainous north wind up 6~8. Most parts of the basin cloudy with rain, heavy rain in the northeast, individual local heavy rain. Snow is possible, but not the province wide range, but the Western Sichuan plateau. Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Wu Bingqing相关的主题文章: