On the decision of the Henan County Township two NPC general election related issues – Henan channel-remonstrate

On the decision of the Standing Committee decided Henan county two level NPC general election related issues – Henan channel people.com.cn — the people’s Congress of Henan Province on the province’s two County People’s Congress general election related issues (through September 30, 2016 twelfth Henan Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-fourth meeting) according to the provisions of the Constitution and the law on local organizations the local people’s congresses elected for a term of five years, the province’s 158 counties (cities, districts), 1808 townships (town) of the people’s congress expires in 2017 last term for half a year, should be a general election. The decision on the relevant issues are as follows: first, the election time for the general election of the county, township two people’s Congress general election arrangements in December 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017. Two, on behalf of the electoral law of the people’s Republic of China, the provisions of article thirteenth: local people’s congresses at all levels after the establishment of the total quota, no change. In the event of a major change in the population due to changes in the administrative divisions or due to major construction projects, the total number of deputies to the people’s Congress shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of this law. Kaifeng Longting District, Zhoukou city for the adjustment of administrative divisions population changes, the number of deputies should be reclassified as 202 and 263. Other counties (cities, districts) in the province, the quota has been determined by the original quota, no change. A new session of the township (town) the number of deputies to the people’s Congress, according to the county (city, district) people’s Congress has determined the number of execution. If the township (town) population of more than 90 thousand people, according to the growth of the population, the county people’s Congress Standing Committee in accordance with the provisions of the electoral law to determine the number of deputies, and reported to the NPC Standing Committee for the record. The provisions of the forty-first law on three local organizations, members of the Standing Committee are: County, Autonomous County, a city not divided into districts, city members of the NPC Standing Committee places for fifteen people to thirty-five people, a population of more than one million counties, autonomous counties, cities not divided into districts, city area of not more than forty-five people. In accordance with the legal provisions and the province of the county (city, district) Standing Committee quota to determine the principle of the province’s counties (cities and districts) new members of the NPC Standing Committee, in accordance with the following quota execution. 31 people 31 people yuwangtai District Gulou District Shunhe District Kaifeng Longting District 27 District 35 in Zhongyuan District of Zhengzhou City 33 33 Tube City jinshuiqu 45 people took to the streets Xinzheng District 35 Xinmi 33 35 31 Zhongmu County 31 people in Xingyang City, Huiji District Dengfeng 35 people 35 people 31 people 31 people Xiang with the old city District 33 people 45 people 33 people Qixian County Tongxu County Weishi County, 35 people in the city of Luoyang 31 Xigong District 31 District 31? Jianxi District Songxian 33 people 31 people 31 people Jili District Luolong District 31 people 33 people in Mengjin County, Xin’an County 33 33 Luanchuan County Ruyang County Yiyang County Luoning 33 people 31 people 3)相关的主题文章: