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Tattoos Deciding what tattoo design to choose is a very important decision, considering that you will have to live with that decision for years to come. To help you choose a design, you should first consider its symbolic value. One rare, but amazing tattoo design, is the octopus tattoo. When people think of octopuses, they attach the idea to values like grace, intelligence, wisdom, and adaptability. But to other people, it might not have any significance at all. Squids on the other hand are believed to be mysterious. They are like chameleons in that they have the ability to change color and disappear when faced with danger. The squid avoids being preyed upon by blending in with the color of its surroundings. Since they do not have spines, they are called invertebrates. Invertebrates are known to be agile and flexible. This sums up the reason why many ocean lovers are amazed by the squid’s mysterious beauty. Octopuses can disengage their limbs when under attack. Even more amazing, an octopus will regrow a lost limb – they magically grow back in time. This attribute signifies renewed hope for all of us. It is like getting rid of what is bad in our lives. And like the octopus, wouldn’t it be nice if we could regenerate what was lost and as we ‘grow back’ maybe we could also evolve into better individuals. When applying an octopus design, the most distinguished stokes are the tentacles. Sometimes it gives out a negative message to people since it symbolizes pride, grabbing, or trapping. This invertebrate is also monstrous for most people. Even though it gives out a negative connotation, we should realize that we are only human and sometimes we are in ourselves, monsters. When choosing a design and an area where you are planning to place your tattoo, you should consider that it will be permanent. It should sync with your outlook in life, your character, and your goals. As to where you put your tattoo will entirely be up to you. You can wrap the tattoo around your forearm or from the shoulder down to the lower arms. Or any other place you might come up with. When using symbols in designing octopus tattoos, an artist can make the round head of the octopus into a globe and represent the tentacles as waves symbolizing the difficulties of life on earth. Some weird designs depict octopuses as aliens. Other extreme designs include octopuses that have big round eyes with scary fangs. Though some designs are overly aggressive, conservative artists take them to a whole new level. Some even have them cartooned. Artists usually use the colors blue, purple and yellow when making images of octopuses. Examples of these designs are octopuses having large heads and small tentacles, some having funny expressions, and different motions. Octopus tattoo designs are not only flexible, they also look better than most tattoo designs. It symbolizes a lot of things that you can share to your friends and family. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: