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Now the children are so dirty? It is bad – the Sohu | cheats maternal friend is a primary school teacher who, some fart big child, looks like a harmless very pure, but sometimes a dirty, class a few boys especially naughty, often together to do bad things, one of the boys in the campus and others argue, get direct water to each other on the pants. Of course, a lot of good guys, some see not hurry to report to the office of teacher, a little boy was back in the report, the picture hit off the scene to the teacher, said the pants boy, good boy. Can’t help laughing, said: too funny, then his little Ding Ding point. Listen to the teacher and friend face green, is 10 years old children, ye all so dirty? Now the children, not only the body was destroyed early, even psychologically very early, before there is a fire in the video, a woman in the criticism of his pupils, male friend: your hot bar is I bought, you are my QQ currency charge, but now you want me in, you right from me? That surprised very friends. The child is the most precocious psychological factors lead to several parents lack of sex education for children of certain ages, parents have to sex education for the children, this curiosity is too heavy, may lead to worse consequences, parents’ education can not only meet the child’s curiosity, and so many more in the protection of children’s safety. Television images of children online more time, bad information on the Internet, there is no ready children will inevitably be affected. A lot of children in the early psychological environment, contact with people who are precocious, a person in the environment of its impact is enormous. Child psychological maturity is an irresistible trend, in the face of so many parents of every hue temptation, only small children to establish a correct value, not to let it grow in the lost. And the child caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what way? When will the baby call mother? 1 year old really have to wean it?…… If you have these parenting confusion, please pay attention to WeChat public number: [parenting tips]. Do the "bottom" of the mother heart!相关的主题文章: