Note7 country line version of Samsung statement referred to by the face of explosion problem of batt 7470d

Note7 country line version of Samsung statement referred to by the face of explosion problem of battery – Sohu news? The high-end mobile phone market reporter Ma Yan according to media reports, the netizen "Chihuahua you yesterday in the Baidu note 7 Post Bar posting said, buy their own country for the Samsung note 7 version of coral blue explosion. The user said, "sitting in bed playing mobile phone suddenly for no reason at the black screen, mobile phone in the rock, feeling wrong flew away, really really burst". Note 7 after the explosion has been to the line version of the problem with the phone using a different supplier of batteries as a comfort to Chinese consumers Samsung, the choice of silence. According to the Note 7 version of the National Bank also occurred in the explosion, Samsung to "Securities Daily" the reporter said, no reply. The state line version of the accused also used battery Samsung China statement was face Samsung Corp announced on September 2nd, because of battery defects, the sale of Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone, and to allow mobile phone consumers to buy this new mobile phone replacement after two weeks, the United States, South Korea, recalled Leah Australia and other 10 countries and regions, a total of 2 million 500 thousand Note7 mobile phone. Of particular note is that Samsung’s first recall list does not include China mainland, Samsung rhetoric is Chinese mainland Note 7 mobile phone batteries applied from different suppliers, no problem. Currently, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has occurred in the world more than battery explosion. In these events, Note7 exploded in the pocket of a man named Jonathan Strobel, causing one leg and one thumb to burn, identified as a two degree burn. Relevant statistical reports that Samsung Corp has received 92 reports of overheating in the United States, including the report of the fire and the loss of 55 reports of the property of the 26. Some airlines are also in this period of time to develop new rules to prohibit users with luggage Note 7, while prohibiting the use of the user on the plane or charging for Note 7. Since then Samsung note 7 on China’s policy has changed. In September 14th, the state quality inspection administration official website announced that the national quality inspection administration law enforcement department quality inspection administration of defective product management center, and Samsung (Chinese) Investment Limited company after the talks, the company to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan, announced since September 14th, recall July 20, 2016 to August 5, 2016 during the manufacturing of part of Galaxy Note 7. The number of digital mobile phones affected by mainland China is 1858. It is reported that the above in the domestic explosion of Note 7 line for the country, the production time is 2016, August, but the specific production date is unknown. Currently unknown whether it belongs to the recall batch. However, the bombing is also the national line version of Note 7, the first explosion, but also led to media and consumer concerns about the country’s version of the Note 7 security concerns. Samsung aspects of the previous.相关的主题文章: