Northeast of Puyang Zhuang acrobatic culture AAA scenic spot – Henan – opening

Northeast of Puyang Zhuang acrobatic culture AAA level scenic spots – Henan – the opening northeast of Puyang Zhuang acrobatic culture AAA scenic spot – Henan – opening

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  September 29th, held in Northeast Village acrobatic culture AAA scenic inaugurated cum Hualong district "autumn tourism season in Puyang city? The National Day Golden Week Opening ceremony. He Xiong of secretary of municipal Party committee, municipal people’s Congress Standing Committee Chairman Xu Lanfeng attended the ceremony and jointly inaugurated the park. City leaders Wang Zaiwen, Yu Guangqing, Guo Yansong, Zhang Honglin, Zhang Huaixi, and stone Langgui attended the ceremony.

Municipal Committee, publicity minister Guo Yansong in his speech on the construction and development of scenic spots three points of hope. One is the open thinking, continue to promote the upgrading of scenic spots. To strengthen the concept of integration, ecological philosophy, cultural ideas, the scenic spot as a tourist park, amusement park, holiday park to improve the continuous improvement. To the scenic area as the support, and the integration of urban agricultural development, the construction of the town as soon as the characteristics of the small town. The two is to increase investment, continue to improve the supporting facilities, to AAA level scenic standard as the foundation, strengthen the construction of scenic transportation, sanitation, safety, service facilities, and comprehensively promote the development of scenic spots to mention upgrading, and strive through three years of efforts, the Northeast Village acrobatics Cultural Park to create a AAAA level scenic spots. Three is to strengthen measures to continuously improve the level of management services. Through a variety of initiatives, civilized service, intelligent services, intimate services, and constantly improve the quality of service, strengthen the management of tourism safety, to create boutique scenic spots.

is one of the most important birthplace of acrobatics in China, known as the "hometown of Chinese acrobatics", is the national intangible cultural heritage, but also a beautiful card Puyang culture. In recent years, Puyang municipal government attaches great importance to the development of cultural industry in acrobatics, adhere to the northeast of the village as an important starting point and platform to accelerate the development of cultural industry in the city. Puyang city Hualong District of Puyang to build brand characteristics and tourist resorts as the goal, total investment 160 million yuan, built the first national single acrobatic Museum and acrobatic art school, acrobatics and cultural square, artificial wetland, acrobatics hometown Culture Street, folk acrobatics theatre, acrobatics imitation of Ming and Qing homes, amusement parks and other infrastructure projects, park built area of 270 acres, initially with the sightseeing tourist reception conditions. Especially since July, Hualong district actively carried out in Northeast Village scenic hundred days campaign action, invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, build a strong acrobatics in Northeast Village Cultural Park upgrade, create a national AAA level scenic spots, and hold the "National Day Golden Week autumn tourism season?". This activity with the view of acrobatics, circus tours, customs, snacks, fruit picking, scenic tour as the main content, carefully organized 17 opera performances, 10 Acrobatic Circus animal performances, 2 concerts, 21 Taiwan Amis dances, 42 "three class"