North Road, Fuzhou, was opened to traffic diversion yesterday Fu Fu Road

Before Fuzhou North Long Road yesterday opened diversion fufei road newly built the North pressure waves twenty-four meters wide green part has opened the blue part yesterday just opened Jie Qing drawing Strait news network September 30th (Hoi reporter Wang Linchengwen Bao Huatu) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou Municipal Construction Committee, plans to be completed before the national day of the long road (North Qin Lake Road – Dongpu Road) and Jinan Road, was opened yesterday. Among them, the North Sea Road according to the plan through the uncompleted Road, from the north two ring road through the Dongpu road; and after the widening of Jinan Road, will also improve the road network of Wang Zhuang area. North Long Road across the board through the shunt fufei road pressure it is understood that the North Long Road (Qin Lake Road – Dongpu Road) is located in Fu Fei Road on the East 54 Road on the west side, Dongpu Road connected with Qin Lake Road, starting point intersects with the Dongpu Road, along the road, intersecting with the Qinting Lake Road, finally Qin Lake Road, a total length of 557 meters. The construction site responsible person, before May 1st this year, the North Sea Road (Qin Lake Road – Dongpu Road) the most sections have been completed, but the lake – Qin Lake Road Road Road, due to relocation progress is lagging behind. With the hundred days crucial action, this section of the road opened to traffic before finally in October 1st. As a result, the entire North Road has been across the board. This will open up the connection between the North Second Ring Road to the East Pu Road, diversion road and 54 road traffic pressure." Yesterday, the reporter saw at the scene, the road 24 meters wide, has completed the marking of delimit, four lane. Both ends of the original section of the block were removed, there are a lot of vehicles have been here by. Jinan road widening after Wang Zhuang network promotion after the widening of Jinan road also officially opened yesterday, to improve the road network in Wang Zhuang area. According to reports, the Jinan road widening North-South North Fuzhou Road, South domestics Road, a total length of about 1225 meters. This section of the road along the Jinan River, the original road width is narrow, lane width is only 6 meters. After several months of construction, the width of the road has been increased to 15 meters to 17 meters. After the transformation of the road cross-section: 2 m (sidewalk) +2 m (non motorized vehicle) +6 m (motor vehicle) +2 m (non motorized vehicle) +3 m to 5 m (sidewalk). The person in charge of the construction site to remind the public: after the widening of the transformation, passing through the vehicle will also keep one-way traffic north to south. But the road widened, the traffic efficiency will be greatly improved." (channel network) >相关的主题文章: