North China region, a wide range of fog and haze in Beijing, Tianjin and start emergency response-vy canis majoris

North China region fog and haze in Beijing Tianjin Hebei launched the emergency response – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wang Bin Zhao Tingting) yesterday, 16, Beijing City, heavy air pollution emergency headquarters office issued a heavy air pollution blue warning. This round of fog and haze in a wide range of North China region, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that, Tianjin, Hebei, many have also issued a heavy air pollution warning, start emergency response. There will be moderate haze in the city today, air quality is heavily polluted, due on Sunday, air quality will be thoroughly improved. Haze has continued for two days yesterday, further aggravated, the city and North China affected by adverse weather conditions, the accumulation of pollutants significantly. Beijing and the surrounding area remote sensing image display, a wide range of fog and haze weather in North china. As of yesterday, 16, the city’s air quality to reach the level of severe pollution, Beijing air heavy pollution emergency headquarters issued a heavy air pollution blue warning. Among them, Tongzhou, Daxing, Yizhuang and other southeast regions of the highest concentrations of PM2.5, up to 218 micrograms cubic meters. After the release of heavy air pollution blue warning, the city will increase the dust control measures for construction sites, bare ground, material stacking and other places. At the same time strengthen road cleaning, reduce traffic pollution. Sewage units should take further measures to reduce pollutant emissions. At the same time, Tianjin yesterday at 4 o’clock in the afternoon issued a heavy air pollution yellow warning, and start III level emergency response. Expected from October 13th to 16, Tianjin environmental air quality will be serious pollution. Hebei, the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang, has issued an early warning. It is reported that Shijiazhuang in October 11th at 24 o’clock to start the air heavy pollution yellow (III level) emergency response. Baoding city yesterday afternoon issued a notice, from 0 a.m. today to 18 days, every 7 points to 20 points, start heavy pollution weather in Baoding within the scope of the city emergency and strengthen measures to implement the motor vehicle tail number limit line synchronization with Beijing, Langfang, daily limit of two vehicles license plate tail number. According to the Beijing environmental testing center forecast, last night, the inversion is obvious, the proliferation of adverse conditions, the primary pollutant PM2.5, air quality in five severe pollution. The air quality during the day will be maintained at four to moderate to severe pollution of grade five. Yesterday, 20, Tongzhou District, Daxing District, Fangshan District Meteorological Observatory has released upgrades haze orange signal warning signal, is expected to last night at noon today, the three district will have moderate to severe haze, visibility less than 1000 meters. In this air quality conditions, it is recommended that children, the elderly and patients with heart disease, respiratory diseases to avoid prolonged, high-intensity outdoor exercise, the general population should reduce outdoor sports. Precipitation is expected tomorrow, the air quality will gradually improve. Please do a good job of the general public health protection, reduce outdoor sports; it is recommended that the public and relevant units to actively take measures to reduce emissions, mitigation of pollutants accumulation. According to the meteorological department forecast, affected by cold air, the capital will usher in a rain on Saturday weather, rainfall is not large, but there will be some help haze removal. Sunday, with the deepening of cold air, air quality is expected to improve. During this period of Yi相关的主题文章: