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No matter you teach children, there must be someone to help you slapped! – Sohu, a couple with 2 year old son to see the film, but the child has been crying on the intermittent. Parents in order to be able to see the film, the plastic sword next to coax children. After a while, the children waving sword run all over it. Mom and dad shouted for a while, giggling. Suddenly, a girl screamed, the original boy destroyed the girl’s face sword glasses, almost hurt the eyes. The next boyfriend rushed to a roar: "this TM who bear children?" And a sword that took the child’s hand and threw it into the next aisle. A neighbor Aunt Wang points out in the hospital door, the second day morning found the whole plants were uprooted. So, Aunt Wang bought the seedlings planted, a day after all. After repeated four or five times, in order to find the culprit, Aunt Wang, the son of a camera installed in the doorway. It turned out that every trick is next to the ball. Ball ball mother a little child is not sensible, a lot of tolerance to send her away. Aunt Wang do not buy it, "what, 7 years old, still small? It is wicked!" Then, a war of words began…… on the bus, a young mother holding a child of 2 years old to go to the doctor. Along the way, the child because of discomfort struggling cry. Arguably, the end of a hard day’s work, next to the passengers of the Voices of discontent. Can be the child’s mother while comforting the baby, while the guilt with the surrounding passengers to apologize: I’m sorry, my baby fever a bit noisy, we bear a little, we went to the children’s hospital to get off." Unexpectedly, there are several passengers took the initiative to help appease the baby. See, it also has an impact on others. Parents of different ways of dealing with the child’s education is also very different. The children do not understand is normal, but if the adults also don’t know, it would be justified. Don’t use "small" as a reason to indulge a child! In life, when children to ask for, because when the mischief destroy others in public goods, affects others… Like…, each child than people should understand tolerance, should be generous to himself as treasure things to send to them. Why? Because the child is small, we adults can not be a child care about it? Can you really do that? Is it really good to be indulgent? Naughty children naivete, are commonplace. It is also because they are small, so there is no ability to distinguish right from wrong, everything is free. All this is not wrong, but if the parents do not guide education, will slowly raise a person see hated bear children. Yes, every child is the baby of the family, some parents of children’s behavior connivance, really surprise people, some even more serious. You know, some children habits and ideas must be raised, if parents blindly spoiled children indulge, sooner or later to run. If you are not willing to education, there must be outsiders help you slapped!相关的主题文章: