No matter how many new clothes and big bags, but also can not save the embarrassment of wearing unde cosmax

More new clothes and big package, can save underwear wearing the wrong awkward (see Fan Ye and Zhi Ling sister error demonstration) – Sohu recently if sister everyone, wrote a lot of fashion collocation class content, the background there are a lot of baby message asking specific questions ah, today just to say, "the inner dressing" the problem. Travel to star as an example, they have other teams, there is beauty and shape, from the hair to cover all armed toenails. But often do not pay attention to some details, all efforts will be destroyed on one day. Ordinary people as reference, also need to pay particular attention to. Look at the China female star: Fan Bingbing was wrong demonstration as a representative of the extra baggage sector, most often the problem is "mamma accessoria". Clothes do not pay attention to Yuan Li, the problem is more serious. A lot of red carpet inventory, will put these problem not well dress or chest is too big, itself a little fat, but the same is plump, wearing bra dress Gong Li, good treatment. Another problem faced by plump women, is sagging chest. For example, the other sister Zhi Ling usually is such that the breast is attractive. But don’t wear underwear, chest full line sagging, dirty don’t say, also appears to have a belly. Don’t think these problems only plump actress will appear, the flat chested Zhang Ziyi, there will be chest sagging and Furu problems. So, in addition to be cautious in the selection of clothes, to avoid. Special attention should be paid to the choice of underwear. Here to give you a few more obvious examples of Foreign Actress daily styling. Also do not wear underwear supermodel Hailey Baldwin Jitu and ptosis of the problem really is very obvious. (although it is in motion, it is recommended to wear sports underwear), and a good underwear after the obvious chest line has been upgraded. The supermodel also cannot reverse underwear rule. USA: Meg Ryan, the chest problem is obvious (left), after a good underwear (right), obviously a lot of people standing in the chest, also appears more compact slim. The Riri is also true to accumulate all underwear error demonstration, such as the following figure. Although Riri has been advocating the liberation of their own body, but the daily dress like this, we can not easily try oh! Besides the obvious expansion of the chest is really not pretty (that is commonly known as the 8 word milk). The chest sagging was Riri’s love… (including the right process, clutching his chest, underwear is obviously with coat fell together) – is an old problem, two. The selection of gather type underwear, can make the gas field full of Riri. How to choose a suitable for your bra? In the "good" bra Carina Lau said in a statement: "every woman should have a suitable for your bra, on different occasions with different bra. Long term with a not suitable for their own bra, slowly you will feel more and more uncomfortable. Do you know why? Because your chest in to bra ~相关的主题文章: