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No lower limit on how to treat? With pornography is not spread pornographic items? Washington – recently, a network anchor broadcast in the broadcast platform for pornographic content, was arrested in Shenzhen on suspicion of dissemination of pornographic materials criminal detention. The popularity of the network broadcast platform, the popularity of the anchor, the frequent occurrence of negative events broadcast, which raises questions about the legal issues: Live pornography constitutes a crime? Where are the legal boundaries for the broadcast? How to purify the live environment? Behind the popular chaos in 2016, known as "the first year of Chinese webcast". As long as a smart phone and a registered account, everyone in front of the camera when the anchor". Live in the end how much fire? According to China Internet Network Information Center released in 2016, the thirty-eighth China Internet development statistics report shows that as of June 2016, China’s network of live users reached 325 million, accounting for the total Internet users of 45.8%. According to iResearch data released in April this year, the number of China’s online broadcast platform in 2015 nearly 200, of which the market size of the webcast is about $9 billion. Founder Securities is expected in 2016, the market size reached 15 billion yuan in 2020, will reach $60 billion. The webcast behind the popular, exposed to all kinds of chaos. Push for high flow, to attract fans, anchor tricks, some scantily clad, verbal teasing, even as speculation willing to break the law and moral bottom line: this year the evening of January 10th, a "live broadcast platform made baby" incident, caused by March, a Public opinion is seething with indignation.; broadcast platform a female anchor in the live in sudden back the lens, bend exposed private parts…… A variety of bad behavior in the live broadcast platform, there is a very negative impact. Recently, a "anchor" is suspected of spreading pornographic items of profit was Shenzhen police criminal detention. Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment net network broadcast platform carry out special rectification work, August 18th, police detachment joint security patrol detachment, Nanshan public security bureau according to the Shenzhen city broadcast platform clues, in Nanshan District a rental arrested on suspicion of broadcast platform in network dissemination of pornographic materials (pornographic performances) suspects longmou (female), the scene seized suspected for network broadcast equipment I Juan Pad1, iPhone6 mobile phone 1, a number of sexy lingerie. The field review, longmou admitted that since July this year, broadcast platform software through multiple network, providing live pornographic performances for others, and through the viewer give virtual gifts by way of illegal profit nearly 20 thousand yuan. At present, the alleged crime of spreading obscene articles of profit has been under criminal detention. Live porn is not obscene articles "in the above case, the anchor network broadcast platform operating mode, for the purpose of profit, provide pornographic performances live for others to watch send virtual gifts way illegal profits of nearly 20 thousand yuan, violated Article 363rd of the criminal law, in accordance with the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials the elements constitute the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials." Criminal law school, China University of Political Science and Law相关的主题文章: