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The establishment of the Ningxia joint and trustworthy incentives and promises a Joint Disciplinary System — Ningxia channel — Ningxia News Network (reporter Yang Li) the day before the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region government issued a notice, in order to promote the construction of Ningxia social credit system, establish and improve joint trustworthy incentives and promises Joint Disciplinary system, autonomous region administrative organs at all levels, the administrative functions of the institutions with the functions of the administrative institutions is central in Nanjing joint implementation of trustworthy incentives and promises joint disciplinary responsibility subject (hereinafter referred to as "the main responsibility"). Establish joint incentive and dishonesty joint punishment trigger mechanism to inform the requirements of the establishment of joint incentive and dishonesty Joint Disciplinary punishment and the launch of the response mechanism. Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission to the relevant provisions on the basis of the national and autonomous region, formulate and adjust the autonomous region and combined incentive catalogue and breaking the Joint Disciplinary conditions directory, and published in the "credit Ningxia" website. The main responsibility according to the joint and trustworthy incentive conditions directory, breaking the Joint Disciplinary signed a memorandum of cooperation and national conditions, list the relevant departments of the autonomous region, and proposed joint incentive list and breaking the Joint Disciplinary list, determine the incentive and disciplinary object, launched a joint or Joint Disciplinary incentive. Relevant departments should be based on the joint incentive and Joint Disciplinary memorandum, the joint incentive and Joint Disciplinary list of the relevant subjects to implement the appropriate rewards and punishments measures. In the case of the joint incentive list, the main body of the responsibility should check the credit records of the joint incentive objects in other fields or industries. National and regional authorities jointly signed a joint letter of joint incentive and dishonesty Joint Disciplinary cooperation memorandum is an important basis for joint incentives and joint disciplinary. The main responsibility to earnestly implement the national ministries of the memorandum of cooperation signed a memorandum of cooperation, national ministries is not involved in the field, the relevant departments of the autonomous region to implement joint Joint Disciplinary incentive and signed a memorandum of cooperation, and gradually form a memorandum covering all areas of economic and social record system, constantly enrich the content of credit incentive, strengthening credit constraint measures. Efforts should be made to solve the current problems of public interest and public security, the people’s strong reflection on the economic and social development of a major negative impact on the key areas of dishonesty. Joint implementation of incentive and disciplinary measures combined with the list system the main responsibility to cooperation in relevant areas on the basis of the memorandum, combing the joint incentive and disciplinary matters, specific measures to refine the industry in the region with incentive and punishment, to establish a list of trustworthy incentives and loss of joint channel joint disciplinary measures list. Types of trustworthy incentives include, but are not limited to: 1 will be trustworthy joint incentive list of outstanding performance of the object set up as a typical credibility. 2 in the process of administrative licensing process, "Easy Access" and "lack of capacity to receive" convenient service measures to keep the list of joint incentive incentive target, part of the application materials are not complete, such as a written commitment within the prescribed period, should be accepted, to speed up science progress. 3 in the implementation of the financial capital project arrangements, investment incentives and other preferential policies in various types of government preferential policies, priority to choose the joint incentive list of incentives in the object, to increase support. 4 trustworthy joint incentive list in the incentive object for individuals, in)相关的主题文章: