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Ningming Huashan garden, Chongzuo Autumn Fairy – Sohu of tourism if the most representative of the autumn mood, than Richard Clayderman’s "autumn whispers", the finger flow note transfer is romantic, eyes is autumn tale. In the North has started to snow season, southern Ningming is the most mature full harvest season, Huashan idyllic autumn fairy tale is staged. A piece of golden wanton from around spreading, not a little preparedness, that appear in the eyes, in reality full of thick reminiscent of the fruits of this practical sense brings is not only beautiful, more deep happiness. The distant horizon is connected with the country, or high or low house now became a postcard in the fairy town, a second door may be out of the mushroom girl, there may be a little red riding hood, which might be the princess and the pea. The field stands several tall scarecrow turned back to childhood, in those years, we run, frolicking in the fields on the trail, leaving the laughter, a fall of young beautiful. Remember that young, you love singing I love to laugh, now we all grew up, but could not find back the lost beauty. The wire rod, the sparrow upon the wire, and the harvest in the fields of people, get the cart after the uncle, together formed a colorful "pastoral". Huashan garden there is a viewing platform overlooking the climb up the whole piece of rice. On the viewing platform, only to find that the great mystery of paddy fields. About 3100 acres of rice to Huashan pieces of colorful " paddy field " Huashan showing pastoral charm. See this spectacular late autumn full of vigour in the deck, filled with deep feeling, this is the wonders of nature, when people have already wrapped up, we can have a " in Chongzuo Ningming sea; paddy field " besides, to cherish and have, do not want to leave any regrets. Walk the road in the field, with the scarecrow to a close contact, the sunset, the sunset to cow is my companion, everything is so close, as if any of the scenes have actually happened. Each picture is like a few meters of comics, those flying Qunjiao, pure and kind heart, are melting in this in an. Please remember this moment, had forgotten the story are found here, Huashan pastoral fairy tale is for you late autumn in my heart that once lost beauty the best comfort, fast in rice harvesting quickly before have it.相关的主题文章: