Ningbo high-speed driver was light truck smashed the water horse isolation flash

Ningbo high-speed driver is the high beam light flash halo Ningbo high-speed water horse isolation truck crashed on the driver was light truck smashed the water horse isolation flash halo "call the two brigade, Ningbo Cixi toll station ramp truck hit the water horse, the car has been open to the toll station exit to wait for treatment." November 17th early morning 6 am, walkie talkie came the accident alarm, police officers in the vicinity of the police patrol the first time rushed to the scene. 5 minutes later, police officer Zheng saw the scene is a mess. The central isolation water horse knocked split, a full thirty or forty meters, 00 pieces scattered on the road, the road is slippery, caused some impact on traffic safety. The police preliminary cleaning the scene, while the arrangement of logistics vehicles in the rear side to deal with the accident warning, export vehicles. In the Cixi toll station exit, a car license Anhui S red truck with double jump, docked in the square outside the front bumper is also slightly depressed, inlaid with pieces of plastic water horse. According to the driver Jo explained, he is from Shanghai Zhapu high-speed, the car is filled with stores, all the way was quite stable. Unexpectedly, when reached the ramp, to suddenly open a banner of light car, at that time, his eyes were flashing light dizzy, suddenly hit the central isolation for water horse. Because of fear of hurry direction will be overturned, and the car in the water immediately riding a road after the car is parked. Eventually, the police on the driving behavior of the vehicle when the attention is not focused on a warning, and issued a letter of accident. Here, the police also remind the driver to use the high beam light, the road of civilization.相关的主题文章: