Ningbo, a third year high school students into the technical director of the company also received

Ningbo, a third year high school students into the technical director of the company also won 50% stake in the cloud habitat conference site correspondent Wu Nengbao said to learn mathematics, around the world are not afraid. At present, this sentence is to change, to learn the computer, all over the world all boast. In the Yinzhou Vocational Education Center in the third year of reading Wu Nengbao students very good interpretation of this sentence. Because the computer played well, Hangzhou North Road Technology Co., Ltd. this company not only hired him as a technical director of the company, also gave 50% of the shares so that he became a shareholder. There is such a student in Hangzhou, a company to take 50% stake in Ningbo to recruit a third year high school students to share, to the shares, so scarce talent in the moment, in fact, is not what news. However, 50% of the shares, is really big. Hangzhou north science and Technology Co., Ltd. in the summer of this year to complete the registration, the initial investment of 3 million yuan. Why is this company would take a vocational high school students, and let him become the technical director of the company and give preferential treatment to equity dividends? Before the interview, the reporter asked a lot of questions in my mind. Ask, really cattle, and the original Wu Nengbao students designed and developed by dragon net (about). This is a website he developed in 2012, the site is currently tens of thousands of views, and generate profits. This site is used to do? "At the beginning, I was also a rookie, I put my search to the things on the computer to go up to provide download services." Now the site is to provide new services to provide services for computer rookie. Most notably, he also made more than 100 large coffee, as captain formed a wolf group security team. The team consists of all network security enthusiasts, focusing on the field of network information security technology research. This summer, he met with the boss of the company on the Internet, and then talked for three or four months, and finally reached a consensus. How is he students self-taught teacher preaching him since 2014 to enter the Yinzhou Vocational Education Center School of computer professional students, Wu began to do ", after two years, he not only wrote MIS, database, application, also do self-study communication software, hardware driver, protocol stack, and now do get involved in the operating system kernel and IC development. Even the Yinzhou vocational education center computer group leader Ying Chengjun teacher said: Wu Nengbao’s website development and maintenance ability level is very high, a lot of computer teachers feel inferior. So, some knowledge, the teacher has no ability to teach him, he is how to learn? "Mainly rely on self-study, a lot of knowledge is through the search engine through self-study, and add group, I know a lot of big coffee, do not know how to ask questions." Wu Nengbao also helped to do a lot of work in school. "As a student of the school computer network, he is our blue bird information studio is also the main members of the 2016 national skills competition winners, but his ideal not only stay in the." School animation professional leaders, Vice Minister of economic and trade, said Zhu Jun, not without pride. The parents before the last support he Nengbao Wu Long Dedun stocky headache for him, and the eyes of the public image of man technology some really do not meet, talk is also in a leisurely manner, looks like a male liberal arts"相关的主题文章: