Ningbo 53 listed companies to break through the market value of 580 billion or other companies to be-roxane hayward

Ningbo 53 listed companies in market capitalization exceeded 580 billion and another 39 companies listed gold daily news (reporter correspondent Zhang Wenke Zhou Yang) yesterday, the reporter from the Ningbo Bureau was informed that, as of the end of August 2016, a total of 53 districts in Ningbo A shares of listed company. 53 A shares of the listed company’s total share capital of 50 billion 696 million shares, the total market capitalization of $587 billion 202 million. Over the years, the Ningbo stock market through the cumulative financing of 89 billion 702 million yuan. In addition, there are a total of 39 listed companies in Ningbo area; a total area of stock transfer system (three new board) listed company, August, the new listed company in 15. In the securities market, a total of 125 Ningbo branch of the securities company, the securities investment consulting institutions in the number of investors, investors account for the number of funds for the 1 million 631 thousand and 500, the balance of customer transactions settlement funds of 23 billion 248 million yuan ($1). August, the total turnover of 486 billion 533 million yuan securities, including stocks and closed-end fund turnover of $354 billion 187 million. Futures market, a total of 1 Futures Company, 3 futures companies, futures business department of the 34; investor accounts for the number of customers, customer margin of $5 billion 431 million balance. In addition, a total of 952 registered private equity fund managers, the management of the fund, the size of the fund management (subscribed) $187 billion 293 million 314.相关的主题文章: