Nine sky hot search before three villain plum Comeback (video) wetnwild

"Nine sky" hot search before three villain plum comeback of sky city _22 Kyushu > > > click on the video to watch "Tencent," Kyushu Sky City Entertainment News Tencent directed by Yang Lei large fantasy drama "nine sky" is Jiangsu TV Week broadcast theater hit, ranked in the hot search list before three, the budding actor Li Guo as the "Qi Luolin" performance is particularly eye-catching. Looking for a long time after, the plum finally comeback, all child cry "Bai Tingjun" subtly malicious scripts, netizens call "I fruit field force finally broke! I have not been in the rivers and lakes for a long time, but still spread the legend of my fruit". The plum mutation expression emperor into expression package in a new arena, the plum as the "Qi Luolin" return to the main "white Tingjun" pushing hands, "white Tingjun" emperor, and assembled the brightest geeks to master. The plum has changed the past high cold style mutation expression emperor. From the "white Tingjun" persuade must accept their own self-confidence, to despise to its present situation, and then to become the residual enemies hated, while as overbearing president, a despicable villain like, all kinds of rich expression panoramic view. In the face of such a complex role, it is difficult for the novice to the plum, but from the user’s response, the plum performance deliver the goods. The story is no longer young legs Obama abstinence abstinence before in the regression straight, Li Guo encounter "easy Fuling", in the face of the goddess of good character and good color and lovely goddess, he did not flinch. But in the latest episode, there was a beauty to make him chicken frozen!!! Many intimate action, cuddly picture let many female friends who have a broken heart. It suddenly started to be caught off guard dog abuse mode, Li Guogang comeback appearance will give us a big surprise! Can’t you give us a little more time alone and straight? "Nine sky" every Wednesday, 10 points Thursday night Jiangsu TV two free, long legs plum bring various flirtatious bitches to wait for you to come! At the same time, by Li Guo Xu Heyuan, starring grape large network drama "chasing love" is also about to release, with modern plum more handsome oh!相关的主题文章: