Nie Shubin case review deadline extended to June, had 3 delays – Sohu news-plants war

The Nie Shubin case review period until June had been extended 3 times – the Sohu news according to Xinhua reporter learned from the Shandong Provincial Higher People’s court, the appeals attorney and submit new materials submitted for approval by the Supreme People’s court, decided to extend the Nie Shubin case review period of three months to June 15, 2016. Since the review of the Nie Shubin case by the Shandong high court, the principle of openness, fairness and impartiality has been insisted, and the rights of the parties concerned have been guaranteed according to law, and the review work has been carried out strictly according to law. Because of the major and complicated cases and the long history of the incident, the high court of Shandong has submitted three times to the Supreme People’s court for approval and extended the time limit for review. During the third extended review period, the complaint agent again submitted new evidence and clues in February 2016. The high court of Shandong considers that the relevant evidence and clues submitted by the complaint lawyer are indeed necessary, and the relevant investigation work is difficult to complete within the third extension. After soliciting the opinions of the complainant and the attorney, referring to the Supreme People’s Court on the application of the Supreme People’s court in December 12, 2014, the Supreme People’s Court of Shandong reviewed the case of Nie Shubin’s intentional homicide and raping of women by reviewing the final appeal of the people’s Court of Hebei province. In June 2015, September and December, the review period of Nie Shubin case was postponed for three months.

聂树斌案复查期限延至6月 此前曾3次延期-搜狐新闻  据新华社电 记者从山东省高级人民法院获悉,由于申诉代理律师又提交了新材料,经报请最高人民法院批准,决定再次延长聂树斌案复查期限三个月,至2016年6月15日。   山东高院复查聂树斌案以来,坚持公开、公平、公正的复查原则,依法保障相关各方的权利,严格依法开展复查工作。因案件重大、复杂,案发历史久远,山东高院先后三次依法报请最高人民法院批准,延长复查期限。   第三次延长复查期限内,申诉代理律师于2016年2月再次递交了新的证据材料及线索。山东高院审查认为,申诉代理律师提交的相关证据材料及线索确有核查必要,相关调查工作在第三次延期内难以完成。经征求申诉人及代理律师的意见,参照《最高人民法院关于适用   2014年12月12日,最高人民法院指令山东省高级人民法院复查河北省高级人民法院终审的聂树斌故意杀人、强奸妇女一案。2015年6月、9月和12月,聂树斌案复查期限先后延期三个月。相关的主题文章: