Next year, Jilin Province, the reform of Medicare payment methods to establish a complex payment sys-lightscape

Next year, Jilin province Medicare payment reform to establish the composite payment system Changchun daily news (reporter Wang Jingjing) 4, reporters from the provincial authorities informed that next year from Jilin province to improve the health quality of national medical health system reform deepening and promoting grassroots service ability, promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine, mobilize the enthusiasm of the medical staff, accelerate the healthy development of industrial integration, strengthen the construction of population health information technology and other aspects of a breakthrough in the refinement task, supporting policies and measures for the implementation of. Among them, in deepening medical and health system reform, there will be 6 breakthrough in our province: a positive declaration and strive to become a Northeast District (the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) the first national comprehensive reform pilot province; next year the province comprehensively implement the comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the city; the comprehensive construction of clinics grading system, next year the county jiuzhenlv reached 90%; the reform of the medical insurance payment to establish, the total amount of prepaid and DRGs composite payment system mainly; next year the province’s full implementation of public hospital drug procurement system of "two votes", reduce the circulation of drugs; expand the family physician will be included in the scope of coverage, signing participatory poverty, to achieve full coverage. Among them, the classification of diagnosis and treatment, our province will actively promote the city of "three level diagnosis" model; through the establishment of medical conjoined medical resources effectively through the sink; "telemedicine", let more people less information run away, run away. In improving the ability of grassroots services, the province will improve the basic level of the organization’s revenue and expenditure management measures to strengthen the construction of grassroots talent team; efforts to solve the problem of village medical care. Through policy breakthroughs, mobilize the enthusiasm of grassroots medical staff to better serve the people.相关的主题文章: