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"News broadcast" praised Xiamen for the world to see the warm heart of Xiamen disaster Xiamen network (micro-blog) – Xiamen daily (micro-blog) news (reporter Lan Bixia) last night, CCTV "news broadcast" broadcast "Fujian Xiamen together: anti typhoon reports, highly praised the Xiamen anti imperial super typhoon" Meranti "show the Our wills unite like a fortress. the spirit of the city and everyone contribute to the conscious action, not only to minimize the loss, also let the world see the power of civilization in Xiamen. The report is 53 minutes and 1 seconds. Reported that this year between nine and October, Fujian suffered a series of strong typhoon. Strong winds and heavy rains have caused several meteorological and hydrological records to be broken. The early morning of September 15th this year, the world’s strongest typhoon "Meranti" landing in Xiamen. Fujian province carried out unconventional disposal mobilization, extraordinary personnel transfer, emergency start typhoon I level emergency response, Xiamen issued 48 instructions before and after the emergency transfer of the masses of the people of the coast of 50 thousand. Reported that the Xiamen government to tackle tough, to minimize the loss. "Some of the people were evacuated, while the others were on the wind." CCTV reporter in-depth interviews in Xiamen, records the Xiamen government to put disaster relief warm heart shot. People’s Liberation Army, armed police, fire mobilized tens of thousands of soldiers gathered in Xiamen, Xiamen also organized a total of 463 rescue teams of 13 thousand people. On September 15th before dawn, only the fire forces the police rescued 286 people 85 times. Just light, the people’s Liberation Army, armed police officers in the streets to carry out disaster relief. When typhoon, Xiamen three policemen stopped the vehicle bridge hands to form a human wall adventures on the photo, it is called "the wind is the most beautiful figure". The report also mentioned that "Meranti" hit the Xiamen power grid, Fujian power to repair 70% of the province’s rapid build-up. Xiamen power company’s electricity workers Li Chun 8 days and 8 nights did not go home, he said in an interview with CCTV, the lights did not light up, we feel very uncomfortable, are very anxious". Water, sanitation, gardens and other departments of the repair workers are fighting day and night, to the wind and rain in the transmission of positive energy. CCTV "news network" in the report of the people of the country greatly praised the "Xiamen speed". Through the concerted efforts of all concerned parties, Xiamen city function recovered rapidly. Three days, city road, highway traffic recovery; five days, the 1 million 450 thousand stop water for six days, the normal water supply; 620 thousand to restore power outages; ten days, 650 thousand strains of trees lodging cleaning, engraftment. In "Meranti", Xiamen has withstood immediately and to the typhoon "catfish" test. Party secretary Pei Jinjia said in an interview with CCTV: "the people of the city and the cadres and the masses Our wills unite like a fortress., Our wills unite like a fortress., this is the most powerful force Our wills unite like a fortress., we overcome the difficulties, we are civilized city building a new sublimation." Today, the post disaster reconstruction in Xiamen has achieved significant success. Pei Jinjia shortly before the closing of the twelfth Party Congress said, "resist moranti", "let the world see a great love, character and strength of the civilization of Xiamen", "Xiamen’s spiritual civilization as the background, after the test of time and all the people of Xiamen is more The brightness dazzles the eyes., common pride". Post disaster,;相关的主题文章: