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"The new song" finals champion Jiang Dunhao   Wang Feng champion mentor – Jiangxi channel — original title: original title: "the new song" Chinese Ming Ying finals in late October 7th, Zhejiang satellite TV "China new song" annual finals will be held in the bird’s nest, Wang Chenrui, Xu Geyang, Jiang Dunhao, to the ocean, Yang Meina, Li Peiling, the top six players will compete for the championship position. Performance evaluation of several players, plus the current users of the popular feedback, Wang Chenrui, Yang, Xu Geyang, Yang Mina to most may win. Jay Chou: to the marine ocean: low-key handsome horse comment: as a representative of Jay Chou clan, low-key way to the Yang finals are dark horse posture, a lot of people are willing to believe, to the ocean may have a black in the end, Jay Chou in the face for this year. The interview: 25 year old handsome guy to the ocean from singapore. Although young, but 10 years of singing experience. In the blind, to the ocean sun handsome appearance to tutor have left a deep impression, Na Ying has made no secret of their affection, to Yang said, "this time Yan values, sound, temperament blend you alone!" For their handsome attracted attention, to the ocean that is not a bad thing, handsome will not harm you, but be very careful". To the ocean, for example, he knows some people, because it is beautiful, easily red, but when the appearance is no longer, will soon be forgotten. Will go to their idol faction or the strength of the route sent to the ocean will choose the middle. It is understood that 10 years ago to the ocean into the entertainment industry, made a personal album, singing experience, I am very fond of music, singing his songs every time in Singapore, there is no opportunity in china." His understanding of the strength of the school is not only to sing, but also to understand the creation, it is best to write, can compile, can sing. To firmly choose Jay Chou clan, to the ocean is frankly out idol factors, because Jay Chou has done more than and 10 years of music, music can always change, has a new album, but still like the new singer, "this is a very difficult thing to do, he is really a master!" The title index: assumes (Lorna, Mao Siyuan, commissioning editor) original title: original title: "the new song" China Ming Ying finals of the original title: "the new song" Chinese Ming Ying finals Harlem Yu team: Yang Meina: the dream of doing my own : as the only representative of Harlem Yu team, Yang Meina high hopes. Because Yang Meina has a voice similar to Rihanna, she was sealed "China’s Rihanna", although only want to do her own position, but does not hinder the audience’s expectations of her, but she did not want to do, but she did not want to do, but she did not hinder the audience’s expectations of her own, but she did not hinder the audience. The interview: Yang Meina said in his music is self-taught, "we learned without teacher, Korean girls hear music very hi." Yang Meina high school is art, and later found that the favorite is still singing. After graduation, friends around her, she likes to sing and sing so well, you can try to bar as a singer. Yang Meina chose this road, boldly to try to become a bar to sing. For their own decisions, beginning the family does not support, but later took part in the contest, many young talent show, get a good ranking and)相关的主题文章: