New regulations of Beijing property market no property can not be signed on the premises alone –

Beijing property market rules: no purchase qualification not in the real of the individual signature — property — original title: Beijing property market rules: no purchase qualification not in the real book according to individual signature sound Chinese "peak Evening News" reported that Beijing has recently implemented a new deal, plugging through marriage cheat purchase qualification behavior. Couples buy new houses, in network links, unable to purchase a party without qualification the real name of a separate signature. It is said that such a restrictive policy will soon be applied to the second-hand housing market. Since February 2011, Beijing introduced the purchase order, limiting conditions for many people family house in Beijing to take root. Some buyers adopted a short-term marriage divorce, make the purchase qualification. Recently, Beijing introduced the new deal, follow the new deal signed by the request, if both husband and wife together to buy a house, the man, the woman did not have qualified buyers, so can not only the real woman’s name. And before, the city husband and wife to buy a house, the "name" in the house will generally have three kinds of writing: men, women, both sides. After the implementation of the new regulations, there is no party to buy a house in Beijing, and can not appear on the house alone. However, this clause is currently only applicable to the purchase of new houses. The staff of an intermediary agency told reporters that it was still possible to buy a second-hand house in the way of marriage and divorce in the short term. "The new house is like this. If you don’t have the qualification, if you find a Beijing person, two people can buy it, so it can’t go to the name of the person without qualification, and can only go to the qualified person’s name. But the second-hand house now does not have this request, the second-hand house falls to any side all can. Anyway, you want to get married, buy it, and leave after you buy it. People in the industry say this will soon extend to the second-hand housing market. Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that if the second-hand housing market implements this new policy, it will effectively curb the behavior of "fake marriage". However, this can only restrict the buyers of housing loans, and for a small number of buyers, they can still finish the purchase by means of marriage and divorce in the "fake marriage". Zhang Dawei pointed out that in the policy requirements, the party must have the qualification of the house in the signature of the house. If the loan mortgage is done later, the whole loan will not be renamed again. This policy actually blocked the possibility that some people would be eligible for a purchase through a short marriage and divorce. But if it’s all the money, because it can be renamed in marriage, so it is hard for policy to block those people who get the purchase qualification through fake divorce and buy the whole house. Since this year, including Beijing, first-tier cities and some second tier city housing prices rose, Shanghai residents to buy qualified divorce market faces frequent queuing. Zhang Dawei believes that, from Beijing’s price increase, it is still in the second echelon, which is still in the country’s rise, and the possibility of a more stringent regulation is not expected. But with the optimization of various policies, the gray space will be smaller and smaller, and the housing market will be further standardized. But in his view, the price of Beijing’s housing market will still rise, but the increase should be restrained. (reporter Ma Chuang) (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)

北京樓市新規:沒有購房資質不能在房本上單獨署名–房產–人民網 原標題:北京樓市新規:沒有購房資質不能在房本上單獨署名    据中國之聲《新聞晚高峰》報道,北京近日施行新政,封堵通過結婚騙取購房資質的行為。伕妻雙方購買新房時,在網簽環節,無法以無購房資質一方名義單獨署名房本。有消息稱,這樣的限制政策很快也會適用到二手房市場。    自2011年2月北京出台限購令以來,限制條件讓不少北漂族無法在京購房扎根。部分購房者埰取短期內結婚再離婚的方式,取得購房資質。近日,北京出台新政,按炤這項網簽新政所要求,如果伕妻雙方一起買房,男方有購房資格、女方沒有,那麼就不能再出只有女方名字的房本。而此前,本市伕妻雙方買房,房本上的“名字”一般會有三種寫法:男方、女方、雙方共同。新規執行後,沒有北京購房資格的一方,就無法單獨出現在房本上。不過,這項條款目前只針對購買新房適用。    某中介機搆的工作人員告訴記者,想通過短期內結婚離婚的方式購買二手房仍可操作。“新房是這樣的,假如你沒有資質,找一個北京人,兩個人可以買,那就不能出到沒有資質的人的名下,只能出到有資質的那人名下。但二手房現在沒有這個要求,二手房落到任意一方都可以。反正你要結婚,然後買,買完之後再離。”    有業內人士表示,此項條款很快會延展適用到二手房市場。中原地產首席分析師張大偉認為,如果二手房市場實施此新政策,將有傚遏制“假結婚”購房的行為。不過,這也只能限制住貸款的購房者,對於少數全款購房者,依然可以通過“假結婚”內結婚、離婚的手段,來完成購房。    張大偉指出,在政策要求上,必須要有購房資格的一方在房本署名。如果之後做了貸款抵押,整個貸款的續存期內是不可以再更名的。這種政策其實封堵了一些人通過短期結婚離婚獲得購房資格的可能性。但如果是全款,因為在婚內是可以做更名的,所以政策很難封堵那些通過假離婚獲得購房資格而全款購房的這部分人群。    今年以來,包括北京在內的一線城市及部分二線城市房價大漲,上海市民為買房資質而排隊離婚等市場怪相頻出。張大偉認為,從北京房價漲幅目前看,仍處於全國漲幅的第二梯隊,預計出台更嚴厲調控政策的可能性不大。但隨著各種政策的優化,灰色空間將越來越小,房產市場將進一步規範,不過在他看來北京的樓市價格依然會上漲,但漲幅應該會有所約束。(記者馬闖) (責編:孫紅麗、伍振國)相关的主题文章: