New online games designed specifically for young people cheat pay 1 yuan less million

A new online fraud designed to catch young people: pay 1 yuan less million yuan fraud would not only chase hot, in the deception, "innovation" is "diligently". Before the summer vacation, the liar by the time of the students to take up the opportunity to engage in online fraud, relying on a fake third party payment platform, a small fishing. Once the new trick has become now the old tricks, liar now, not only to catch the summer "bus", online fraud means "innovation", as long as a seemingly harmless "1 links", you can put your money Zhuanguang light. Yesterday, Xiamen City Center recently released the anti fraud fraud police intelligence, August, the city received the report of the purchase of gaming equipment fraud alarm 57, involving 241 thousand yuan. Most of the victims were men, aged between 20 and 30 years old". Link hidden Trojan game player click the "1 yuan link" card 16662 yuan lost in September 3rd, 24 year old Zhang playing "NBA2K Online" game, see a message, "help brush equipment, there is a need to add QQ." Zhang just want to find someone to brush equipment, while trying to add the other side QQ. Talk about a good price, Zhang online banking will be transferred to the other 60 yuan. After a while, but received the money did not arrive, the reply, you pay me a screenshot of the record to see." After a small photo to do, resistant to wait for a long time, the other side sent a link, no problem, you just pay a dollar, activate the order, I can help you on behalf of the brush." It is not 1 yuan, Zhang immediately into the point, in the payment page to enter the card number and password. Then, Zhang received a bank debit SMS, 16662 yuan card all turn away! The trading platform was a trap swept six two-dimensional code cheated 8980 yuan Zhao a 90 employees of the company, in August 25th, Zhao in the online "Denon eight", through the public chat channel shouted: "I want to buy game currency, who have come to the transaction!" The news has just been released, it was looking for small Zhao private chat: you go to ‘Jingdong 141’ trading platform to register an account, we deal in the above." Do not want to think, Xiao Zhao registered the account, and in the platform through the WeChat scan two-dimensional code, to pay the other party sent 300 yuan orders. Password just finished, the page shows that the information is not complete, the transaction is not successful". What’s going on? Zhao quickly contact the site customer service". Subsequently, "customer service" to incomplete information, upgrade VIP, accounts are frozen and other reasons, repeatedly asked Zhao on the site of the two-dimensional code scanning recharge, "you only have to ensure equal amount and the balance in the account recharge, to thaw". Until the sweep 6 times, to pay $8980, only to find Zhao cheated, hurried alarm. [] decryption "one yuan link" trick only used three steps to turn away your money 1, let the victim transfer, and that payment is not successful, the requirement to send payment records screenshots, understand the victim’s account balance. 2, to "1 link", that pay one yuan can activate orders, payment link hidden trojan. 3, through the Trojan horse master the victim’s account password, the money will be transferred in the background. "Trading platform" trick two trap trap: the first interlocking trading platform such.相关的主题文章: