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New energy vehicles cheat up loopholes not blocking die – Sohu automobile in September 8th, the Ministry of Finance announced a list of serious expenses of new energy automobile companies, 5 companies involved a total number of reporting grants the central government funds more than 1 billion yuan. At present, in addition to punish to cheat up enterprises, by improving product or technological barriers to financial subsidies forced enterprises to accelerate product development and innovation, the enterprise is to avoid excessive dependence on the policy and the effective way to cheat up behavior. Bus into a cheat to fill the hardest hit new energy automobile companies to cheat the first list released, the bus field has become the hardest hit". Part of the new energy bus manufacturing enterprises malicious cheat up, involving thousands of vehicles, funds more than 100 million yuan, is really astounding. What is the reason for these enterprises to fill in a flagrant way so cheat? In addition to the temptation of interest is large enough, there are loopholes in the policy can be drilled, lax regulatory authorities is also an important factor. China’s new energy vehicle subsidy policy has been low subsidy threshold, the way too extensive discussions. To 6 to 8 meters of pure electric buses, for example, the overall cost of the car but $500 thousand, the central government subsidy of $300 thousand, local subsidies of $300 thousand, the two have been added to the price of a vehicle. In the face of such a policy, part of the enterprise inevitably tempted. On the other hand, some local government management disciples have the name of supervision, no regulatory reality. With the exposure of the Suzhou GMC bus manufacturing company as an example, false material procurement, vehicle production and sales of original documents and records of such a large scale, why can smoothly through each department? If you do not have the green light of the regulatory authorities, it is impossible to cheat fill. The subsidy policy is still necessary at present, the new energy automotive industry in China from the important juncture towards the growth stage of the incubation period, the battery core technology has not yet made a fundamental breakthrough, the consumer environment is not perfect, complete elimination of subsidies is not a wise move. Although the cheat up event is still fermenting, but must be sure that more enterprises or in the active and positive research, product development, production and sales in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations, in the new energy vehicles have achieved good results in terms of popularity. 1-8 months of this year, China’s new energy passenger car sales reached 180 thousand units, an increase of 136%, the growth rate of health, reasonable. To some extent, if there is no subsidy policy, China’s new energy vehicles may be delayed for 10 years or 20 years. Under the support of national policy, the new energy vehicles are developing healthily, and moving towards the fast lane. At the beginning of September 2016 China (TEDA) International Automobile Industry Development Forum, the Ministry of Finance said that the financial subsidy policy of China’s new energy automotive industry market cultivation and played a major role in the development and growth, the future will gradually increase the threshold of technology subsidies, to explore the development of long-term mechanism of market-oriented industry. Thus, the next step, the competent authorities of subsidies for new energy vehicles will continue, and will be prudent in financial subsidies set up, strict subsidies set. Take measures to block cheat up loopholes to prevent cheat up occurs, in addition to the.相关的主题文章: