Network rules about the impact of the car or the first price after the fall down forced industry upg-superrecovery

Network about the rules of the car impact: the price of the first or forced to upgrade the industry down data. Wei Liang agency issued photo Xinhua news agency, Shanghai October 8th new media news title: Prospect of network effects: local rules about car prices or decreased forced the industry to upgrade the Xinhua News Agency reporter Ye Jian "Chinese network in 8, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen three big city network details about the car together. Three China’s first tier cities, has undoubtedly become the vane of other regions. Three rules show that the network about car management is becoming a consensus. The public is most concerned about the net car prices, or will usher in the first rise after the change. The network about the car platform, the rules will be forced out of the low level of subsidy war. Net about car prices will rise or fall for many passengers, the rules are concerned about whether the car will be concerned about whether the price increases. In fact, the network about car prices, on the one hand depends on supply and demand, on the one hand depends on the cost. In the Beijing Shanghai rules, the vehicle configuration and license plates, drivers are required to make a household registration, which will lead to a reduction in compliance vehicles. In this regard, "said travel drops, taking Shanghai as an example, it drops platform statistics, is currently engaged in the network about the vehicle with less than 15 new wheelbase requirements, more than 41 drivers; such as Shanghai has been activated, only less than 10 thousand of the drivers in Shanghai local household registration". For the "carpool", also known as the ride, Shanghai also made a daily limit of 2 single limit, it will also lead to reduced supply. In addition, the Beijing Shanghai also stipulates that "the platform provides download carpool software should be set up independently, and should not be cruising taxi taxi software, online booking taxi software combined", if the article once landed, the future "ride" must be the development of APP, and the network about the car and taxi cab APP segmentation, the it will reduce the number of drivers. On the other hand, the rules also refine many compliance requirements, so that the cost of the network about the car and taxi and rental cars at the same level. The industry believes that, after the network about the car’s low price, on the one hand from its subsidy policy, on the other hand also benefited from the avoidance of a lot of compliance costs. With the introduction of the rules, the network about the cost of the car will increase accordingly. The first is the rising cost of the line. Three rules are displayed, the three places need to add office space, service outlets and managers to deal with service drivers, user complaints, review compliance issues. Previously, the network about the car platform to light assets known, Uber is more people in each city is less well-known business. Rules after landing, the asset light model is clearly difficult to continue. Then the insurance costs rise. For example, in accordance with the rules of Beijing network, about the car should be in accordance with the operation of passenger insurance rates, pay high insurance coverage and compensation amount of not less than 1 million yuan of the third party liability insurance and passenger accident insurance ", Shanghai is similar, Shenzhen is the carrier of liability insurance. According to industry estimates, according to the purchase of insurance, insurance costs per vehicle will increase by several thousand dollars a year. And tax rises. Previously, the network about the car driver in the tax there are many ambiguous, which also makes a lot of complaints taxi company. Today, the local rules are clearly in accordance with 7相关的主题文章: