[network] my brother Shuangseqiu CLS 16130th red ball special point-y580

[network] my brother Shuangseqiu CLS 16130th red ball special point [CLS]16130 exclusive special point red red Peng brother period distribution of the red ball 050608213133 point by the ball the ball number scattered, the trend is not stable, which leads to a larger span over the previous three areas are ball but, because when the truth, the next ball is likely because the mutual impact of each point in the rear section greatly concentrated, continuous out should pay attention to the defense of the 0102051113152024 District 2628 red ball number 050608, a number of heat, compared with the previous ball in front of the location of stress is relatively large, the the ball was out of reach, the attention surrounding defensive number 010205, continue to pay attention to 04 out of two District No. 21 red ball out of defense, according to The trend in this area of the force, see next ball is likely to bring out in this area, in the posterior segment of the overall recovery, out of this section 11121518 of the next note, which will affect the number of extension points around the 21 points out of the ball, the ball out to note the number 10131819 District No. 3133 red ball the continuous open, open number belongs to the warm, from the previous view of the ball span is relatively small, but large activity to the police anti code ball back to temperature to take the heat of the phenomenon, but the overall trend from the point of view of this area of activity is relatively large. Note that in post number showing signs of continuous out, the next 242529 defense area before the free zone after recovery. The 12 Code: 0102051113151820 24262829 this period suggest that essence of 8 code: 0205111520242829 [CLS network]16130 exclusive friends brother basketball comments of the four code fixed blue: the basketball: 14 review: the open code size belongs to the cold ball, the ball can be seen exhibited substantially increase trend from the overall trend, the next note force the rebound, rebound force to the attention surrounding the development of a number of 0116 note ball. The next point against the cold: focus on the 03 point decline across the cold drawn by the influence of the defensive rebound No. 0512 ball. The next number: ball against heat is likely to rise once again to the top 16 to the ball, the ball bounced back to pay attention to 01 points out of low vortex. The overall basketball ball curve trend: large span, that ball point activity is affected by the surrounding. This issue will continue to recommend four yards 01051216相关的主题文章: