Net exposure Robin Li joined the strongest brain in the fourth quarter-sunny came home

Net exposure Ma Robin Li joined the "The Brain" four Ma Robin Li Sina entertainment news recently, the net exposure of "The Brain" fourth ("THE BRAIN") will return in the first quarter of 2017, the general manager of the hall of fame Overseas Corps will be chaired by Professor Daiximeng, and China name Hall of Professor Wei Kunlin is still the chief leader of team. Guest lineup, Wang Shi, Ma Yun, Robin Li, Dong Mingzhu, Kobe, Lang Lang [micro-blog], Jay Chou and other stars from all walks of life or to join, in addition also plans to invite snh48, TFBOYS, AKB and other 48 combinations in a special form to appear on the show. With the first three quarters of the good word of mouth, the strongest brain return of a message, users have said they are looking forward to: Super look forward to! Read each quarterly!" "I think the reason is not to do, really good-looking! Look forward to!" The guest lineup of netizens have different expectations, many netizens called for adding a small meat suction eye: "invite some popular small fresh meat, like Li Yifeng [micro-blog] Yang Yang [micro-blog] William Chan [micro-blog] Jing Bairan [micro-blog] and so on." "More advertisers love meat popular stars." (Intern Ivan) (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章: