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Net exposure Michelle Ye owed nanny wages do not give money also fell to rent this afternoon, someone broke the news that Michelle Ye and the nanny who lives downstairs dispute, people holding banners, with a trumpet in protest at the cell door, the scene is very awkward. Subsequently, the Nandu Entertainment Weekly reported that the number of nannies claimed to be Michelle Ye arrears of wages, and the police let him go to sue Michelle Ye. But the other side also said Michelle Ye was already made micro-blog encounter black intermediary and robbery "nanny, the police caught the four they still rolling on". Tencent entertainment tried to contact Michelle Ye, but as of press time, the other has not yet responded. According to the Nandu Entertainment Weekly reported that this afternoon, there are a number of aunt Michelle Ye downstairs in the house holding Miss ye, but also nanny hard-earned money!" Protest slogans demanding payment of arrears of wages. They said that these days Michelle Ye has been at home, but not to see. The police have been involved in mediation, two aunts presented the employment contract, one surnamed Li aunt said in an interview, from the beginning of September 24th employment in October 18th, Michelle Ye said to unilaterally terminate the service, in accordance with the contract in October 25th should pay aunt Lee to pay 5500 yuan, but has not paid, not the phone nor return WeChat. Aunt Lee originally non nanny, go, leave in the evening every morning, please aunt Michelle Ye during her assistant home, said to provide accommodation for free, she stayed for ten days, but Michelle Ye did not pay their wages, but the rent to 4500 yuan. Reported that Li Ayi met another two aunts in the pay talks process, Michelle Ye also claimed to be in arrears of wages, the amount ranging, "let us go to the police to tell her, but the lawsuit is long, is said to be 35 months, we can not afford to drag me, now have no money, just a friend to buy me eat." And the other side of the incident Michelle Ye also very indignant. On the last night, Michelle Ye had sent micro-blog said, "there are no friends like our home in @ cloud housekeeping nanny, nanny encounter black intermediary and theft? The police caught the four they still rolling on the. What do you usually do? Consultation prescription." The figure shows Michelle Ye in the online search method to deal with the famous bitch". Broadcast to Tencent micro-blog in the Shanghai show gossip to sweep me ~ reply "gossip", "entertainment": get the latest entertainment gossip reply "performance", "tickets": to understand the latest information on the left side of the two-dimensional code scanning, Shanghai WeChat, more free tickets waiting for you to receive相关的主题文章: