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Net about car drivers: ups and downs of subsidies to reduce income fell cliff type – 25 science and technology Sohu, Starbucks Road, Qinghe business shop, in May last year, Wang Bin (a pseudonym) bought a car, has become a net about car drivers. Since August this year, the net about the car began to face more administrative review and less subsidies, Wang Bin has not tasted much sweetness, but now has been pushed to stay with the crossroads. Beijing News reporter Peng Ziyang photo Wuhan car driver drops are limousine service. He drove a Audi Q3 to pick up passengers, but cheaper than the taxi fare. Wang Bin China is now a bit confused, I do not know where to go. In May last year, he was 200 thousand yuan price, bought a black GAC Honda sedan, a full-time network about car driver. It is the key year net about car platform in full swing, take cities and seize territory. A few drops, and step about the car network platform in order to seize the market, crazy burn a subsidy war. Wang Bin suddenly felt his life becomes golden — from his monthly salary of five thousand or six thousand yuan courier, jumped into the middle earning twenty thousand or thirty thousand. A careless, to achieve the leap of the class. In Beijing, like Wang Bin, about 95 thousand of the car drivers, they were once indulged in the sharing of economic dividends. Some people even think that he is the only outlet in the mouth Lei Jun in the flying pig. But the good times don’t last long. After the Spring Festival this year, Wang Bin clearly felt that the subsidies reduced, income fell cliff style, every day also faces the danger of the traffic control department fined. His friends continue to change jobs. In July 28th, the Ministry of Transport Ministry of public security and other seven departments jointly issued the "Interim Measures" of the network booking taxi business service management, network about cars to obtain legal status, the country will also implement the rules before November 1st; August 1st, drops and yuho announced the merger. Policy changes and the birth of monopoly giant brewing, which means that the network about the car industry will face more administrative licensing and fewer subsidies. After changing the way the whole community travel and network about the driver’s life, the end of the barbaric growth of the car about the era of the internet. Wang Bin had not yet had time to chew on the fruits of the economy, and were pushed to the crossroads. Fly the "pig" Wang Bin recently, friends of a switch. From mid August, the network about car platform incentives and subsidies to reduce, and even negligible, but Wang Bin would like to wait and see. Wang Bin is Henan people, 40 years old this year, has been nearly ten years in beijing. His wife and three children at home, waiting for him to earn money every month. He has no other skills, since bought a car, life is tied to the above. In September 22nd, Wang Bin deliberately put on a white shirt, black trousers, black shoes, go to the headquarters of the interview by. This is a bit of a ring of car driver certification. After obtaining the certification, he will be a priority to send a single system, but also easier to receive a single quality. According to the upcoming implementation of the new network about cars, through the platform authentication, he also admitted specifically for network about the car transport certificate and driver’s license, in order to become an ocean相关的主题文章: