Nepal night traffic accident caused 7 people were killed and 18 injured puritans pride

Nepal occurred late at night were killed and 18 injured 7 people in a car accident caused by the original title: Nepal Lumbini area traffic accident has caused 7 people were killed in Kathmandu in November 27 news agency Xinhua (reporter Zhang Chenyi) Lumbini of Nepal (Nawalparasi District) Nawaluopalaxi county area 26 deep night accident occurred, killing 7 people were killed, 18 injured. Accident vehicle is a jeep. Local police said that at that time, the driver driving the jeep driving to check Er (Chharchhare) after the village crashed into a roadside crowd, killing 7 people were killed, 18 people were injured, including the jeep driver. The specific cause of the accident is not yet clear. It is reported that the 7 victims, the specific information of 6 people have been confirmed. However, due to the complex terrain, accident rescue is very difficult, the injured can only be sent to the nearby medical institutions on the morning of 27, the victims can only temporarily exist near the primary care center. Because of the casualties are mostly from the observation of Seoul Village in the village, so diffuse sadness difficult to calm down. After the evening of 25 about 7 points, Nawaluopalaxi county has undergone a bicycle accident due to bicycle out of control, causing the car two people died. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: