Nearly a hundred enterprises in the first half of this year, a total investment of 612 listed

Nearly a hundred enterprises in the first half of this year, a total of 612 investment in listed companies – Sohu financial management in recent years, relying on the rapid growth of premiums, some insurance companies in the capital market investment more radical. The reporter found that according to the Wind data to preliminary statistics, the first half of this year, hundreds of insurance companies in A stock market show, invested a total of 612 listed companies, as of the semi annual report, held a total of 72 billion 838 million shares, to September 9th closing price, the market value of shares of up to 14 trillion and 730 billion yuan. From participating in the insurance companies, not only China Life Insurance, China Ping An (601318, stock it), Xinhua Life Insurance and other large insurance companies, there are Qianhai life insurance, China Life Insurance and other small and medium enterprises. From the point of view of the number of Listed Companies in the investment, China Life – individual dividend investment of 118, topped the list, followed by China life insurance products, invested in a total of 59 companies. Reporter inquiry found, to universal insurance funds investment is not a few, such as Jun Kang life insurance, China Life Insurance, life insurance, Taikang Life, Fuld Qianhai life insurance company, were used to universal insurance investment A shares of listed companies. From insurance companies placards, small insurance firms are more active. The reporter found that preliminary statistics since last year, Qianhai life insurance, China Life Insurance, Ampang insurance, financial life and other insurance companies were placards A shares over 50 listed companies. Specifically, Ampang insurance placards has more than and 10 companies, home life insurance placards 12 companies. In addition, the financial life Jupai 5, hundred years of life 2, Guohua life 8, Jun Kang Renshou 7, China Life 11.相关的主题文章: