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Beijing nearly 12 thousand people queuing for new energy plate – Shandong Channel – yesterday, a small passenger car Index Office issued this period Yaohao basic data, the Beijing morning news reporter found out, although the annual index of new energy vehicles has been finished in the last round, but this is still 11864 applicants waiting for a new person energy index. The ordinary passenger car index sign of difficulty or a new high. Yesterday, the passenger car Index Office released data, as of October 8th 24, the cumulative total of individuals receiving new energy vehicles and confirmed the extension of a total of 11864. In fact, as of last year, the city this year, 60 thousand new energy indicators have all used, these applicants are eligible to buy a car, can only hope that this year the beginning of the first round of new energy vehicle index abandoned, or wait for next year’s index. In accordance with the current regulations, the new energy vehicles in the index can be returned to the number of years in the pool, but did not complete the year after the completion of the new energy indicators, as well as the indicators of overdue use of the year on the void. This also means that the current round and the next round will be likely to abandon the number returned to Hao Chi pool. According to industry insiders predict that as the new energy vehicles gradually touted, is expected to abandon the number will not be too much, so this part of the applicant is a considerable part of the actual appointment of new energy vehicles in advance of the next year indicators. Ordinary passenger car index, as of October 8th 24, passenger car configuration indicators received a total of individuals to apply for and confirm the extension of a total of 2718977; there are 47235 enterprises and other units to apply for 77687. And compared to the previous period, people who apply for ordinary passenger car index increased by nearly 30 thousand people, therefore, the coefficient of difficulty Yaohao or will further increase. (Cao Jingrui) (commissioning editor Zheng Puli and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: