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"Natural mosquitocide" BinAB publishing structure — technology — original title: "natural mosquitocide" structure of BinAB BinA and BinB released the folding module combined with carbohydrates. Photo source: natural web site of the British Nature magazine 29 online open an infectious disease research report, released the structure of bacterial toxin BinAB. BinAB is a kind of natural pesticides is very important for mosquito control, the structure illustrates this previously unknown biological function of toxin. The results also show that this method can also be used to analyze the structure of other insecticidal proteins with small size limits. Mosquitoes can spread malaria, dengue fever and the recent popular card virus, is one of the serious harm to human health. The larvae of mosquito larvae by mosquito eggs incubation in water and become, is from the middle stage of oocyte growth to mosquito pupae. Human has used the mosquito control program very much, including the naturally occurring form of protein crystals destroy larvae agent, such as bacterial toxins such as BinAB. BinAB is produced by a spherical lysine bacillus, the larvae of toxic, but harmless to human beings and other animal, has been used to control mosquito populations in some countries. However, due to the BinAB crystal is very small, it is very difficult to analyze its structure, as of now, people’s understanding of BinAB toxin and its mechanism is still very limited. Study on the biological structure of French scientist Jacques Philip? Kalediya and colleagues, the use of a serial of femtosecond laser technology called crystallography. The technology uses a powerful laser source — X X-ray free electron laser (XFEL), the definition of the analytic hitherto unknown bacterial toxin BinAB structure, finally found out about the function may be related to a pH sensitive switch and carbohydrate binding module, and maintain the efficacy of BinAB bacterial toxin molecular interaction. The results of this study will be helpful to enhance effectiveness of BinAB extinguishing agent Jiejue, expand the scope of its application. More importantly, the study also shows that the new method can also be used to analyze other anti malaria and insecticidal protein structures that are limited by the small size of the crystals. (Zhang Mengran) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Yang Yang Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: