National Ocean Park has reached 42 park area shall not be arbitrarily changed-spyair

National Ocean Park has reached 42 park area shall not be altered arbitrarily – Beijing Legal Network Beijing on August 25th news reporter Cai Yanhong reporters today learned from the State Oceanic Administration, Bureau issued the "notice on the approval of the establishment of Dalian Xian Yu Wan 9 National Ocean Park" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the new 9 National Ocean Park. So far, China has 42 national Ocean Park. It is reported that China’s marine protected areas are mainly marine nature reserves and marine protected areas, Ocean Park is a special type of marine protected areas. Since 2011, the State Oceanic Administration announced the first national Ocean Park, China has established 42 national Ocean Park in the 5 batch. 9 the new national Ocean Park were: Liaoning Dalian Xian Yu Wan, Dalian Shandong Yantai Laishan, Qingdao Bay, Jiaozhou Bay, Fujian Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area Haitan Bay, Guangdong Bay, Yangxi Red Bay ZHELANG Hainan Peninsula, Wanning, the son of Chang Jiangqi classic Sea Bay National Ocean Park. "Notice" requirements, Liaoning, Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Department (bureau) to Ocean Park in conjunction with the local government, formulate the rules and regulations, strengthen the protection of the main object of protection. Among them, the appropriate use of the region in the development of eco-tourism, ecological farming and other ecological resources utilization activities, we should focus on strengthening the protection of marine ecological environment. "Notice" clearly, the marine and Fishery Department (bureau) in accordance with the list of Ocean Park area and scope, speed up the organization to carry out the work of Surveying and Ocean Park beacon, marked boundary to the public. The size, scope and functional zoning of Ocean Park shall not be adjusted or changed at will. The State Oceanic Administration, environmental protection department official said, in ecological benefits, the establishment of a national Ocean Park has enriched the connotation of marine ecological civilization, can effectively protect the coastal area and islands and marine ecosystem health, safety, provide habitat, breeding and feeding sites for marine biological diversity, effective protection and restoration regional biology, construction of ecological network is perfect. In social terms, Ocean Park is an ideal base for scientific research, science education, and can promote the spread of marine culture; strengthen the citizen protection of the marine ecological public awareness, promote public participation; at the same time, through the development of marine leisure and ecological tourism, but also to promote the diversified development of regional marine economy.相关的主题文章: