National foot arrived in Seoul to prepare for the 12 round of Zhang Xiaobin position to fight Korea -ca1806

The Orangemen arrived in Seoul for the 12 race Zhang Xiaobin position effort to fight the Korea sports Sohu last night, the Orangemen a chartered flight from Shenyang to korea. The first round of the 12 round will be held on September 1st at the Seoul World Cup stadium. After a lapse of 15 years, the state of the world cup and then meet the final opportunity, the football association and the Chinese team for the team to provide an unprecedented protection. At the foot of Han Zheng’s chef Zhang Yuning young charter accompanying the day before yesterday, from overseas to meet with the team, all in preparation for the 12 foot race team in place. Yesterday morning, the Orangemen were trained only a full participation in the war. After arriving in Seoul, leaving only 25 members in the name of the training time is only one of the two training courses. Time, heavy task, strong opponents in the grim situation, how to prepare for the Orangemen, escort a football team and Chinese focus. During the preparation of the 12 game, the Chinese Football Association has been studying how to improve the national team’s security system. The Orangemen off road games, will all take the charter. Even if South Korea is close to China, charter flights will help save time and improve efficiency. In addition, 30 business class seats on the plane will allow players to save a lot of fatigued by a long journey. The 12 match, the Orangemen also brought a chef, players can eat delicious Chinese food in foreign countries. The hotel is a five star hotel in Seoul. It is understood that the Chinese team has two floors, and with a special security personnel. One of the rooms was transformed into a restaurant, 24 hours for international catering services. In addition, a part of the country foot logistics personnel will travel to Korea, the other part is to go to Shenyang to prepare for the September 6th Iran national football team. It is reported that the China organization including the Super League and the football association officials, a general manager of the club, more than 60 people to watch. More than 60 people in addition to watching the war between China and South Korea in the top 12, will also visit the whole North modern, visit the club base and observe training. Speaking of the national security work, the director of the national Department of Liu Dianqiu said that the 12 games gave the Football Association an opportunity to do what you want to do in the past. He hoped that the country can guarantee the formation of the normal foot, the team’s fighting spirit can also form a normal. Output list pending Xiao Bin do yesterday morning, according to the team’s practice, Jiangsu Suning international Zhang Xiaobin before training was interviewed by the media. For the upcoming match, Zhang Xiaobin admitted that the Orangemen still must first place the position, solidarity, faith, to fight against. The national football training place in Shenyang, here is the Chinese football paradise. This is the only time for Chinese football to break into the world cup. Zhang Xiaobin spoke highly of the "land", "hope that Shenyang can bring us good luck, but I think it would be like this, but we still have to do their first game try our best. With the help of Shenyang blessed blessing, play a good game on the road." Su Ning in the club, Zhang Xiaobin more in his position, in the national team, Zhang Xiaobin revealed himself in the backcourt can do more bright相关的主题文章: