Nanjing woman killer drink brick to strangle her body with sleep for two nights (Figure)

Nanjing woman killer: drink brick to strangle her body with sleep for two nights (Figure) original title: [Nanjing] woman tied brick cracked the case he strangled lover, also accompany the body slept for two nights at noon on September 24th, in Nanjing Jiangning Dongshan Street Takahashi Industrial Park harvest River, nearby residents have found an unidentified woman. Police rushed to the scene and found the body was a black plastic bag wrapped outside, still tied with wire on two pieces of red brick. After the police investigation, the deceased was a middle-aged woman, double lower limbs, to identify malignant cases of dismembered murder. Jiangning police immediately organized elite police task force set up an investigation. The victim was found. The police for map in September 26th issued "Wanjun Yang River discovered tied bricks of a woman, police suspended 30 thousand red sign clue, focuses on the dress"     in the case of found 34 hours later, suspected of killing lover a strict Jo arrested the murderer. Pictured is the custody of the murderer jo. Mei Jianming taken for Vendetta,, or don’t have secrets? What is the name of the victim, where did she come from? What is the reason for the so murderous, killing dismembered dead bodies? It is related to the killings, murder, or don’t have secrets? Reporters learned that the 48 year old Cao Suqian Siyang people, 49 year old woman with a strict fit for 8 years. Suspicion of a strict Yiqingbielian, jo in September 14th late night with wire strangled a strict, and slept two nights later, on September 15th night will be strictly a dismembered, and at 16 am will be strictly a body tied to a red brick, abandoned in rental housing not far from the river. Later, Jo claimed a strict with people run away, return the rent, the landlord hide and daughter moved to work in the company warehouse live. To the scene with a broken road, the end is a poor liquidity of the river, the river was covered with duckweed, weeds, cars, there are few people tread, not to mention the monitoring. When one of the residents through the bushes to the river to urinate, inadvertently found floating on the river a black body like inclusions, and smelling, rushed to the police. The police made a qualitative case, because of its adverse effects, the Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing City Public Security Bureau and the Jiangning Public Security Bureau leadership attaches great importance to the mobilization, criminal investigation, network security detachment police set up a task force, and strive to solve the case as soon as possible. Rapid detection: 30 hours after the incident and arrested the suspect according to police, they dumped to the scene as the center, the appearance of clothing printing xiechatongbao victim to a number of community around. At the same time, all the way to the police showed a divergent distribution, to carry out carpet visits investigation. Another way police more than ten people, and access to the surveillance video of the incident around all. More than 6 September 25th in the evening, the police task force investigation and visited the police visited in the Dongshan Street Community rental housing owners, the owner said Aunt, her house of the original tenants in a strict number of days before missing, and physical characteristics consistent with the description of the features of the police reward notice. The ad hoc group analysis, confirmed that the victim is the tenant of a strict, 49 years old this year, the identity registration is Xuanwu people. Police quickly confirmed that one of the people with a strict relationship with a major crime suspects Cao, the ad hoc group immediately around jo.相关的主题文章: