Nanjing female tour guide for visitors to donate blood Minister of Thailand thanked the

Nanjing female tour guide for visitors to donate blood multinational   Thailand — Minister personally thank Jiangsu windows — original title: Minister of Thailand to personally thank Nanjing female tour guide Yang Li (left) and the Thailand Ministry of tourism and sports minister Cogan photo Cogan sent condolences for the good gift of mortals, also can cross borders. In September 26th, the Modern Express reported that the Nanjing female tour guide to fly transnational blood donation, causing numerous readers and users point praise. Just past the National Day golden week, blood donation hero, Nanjing tour guide Yang Li, as in previous years, with a mission to Thailand. She did not expect that, after the Thailand charity so that government departments also be moved. The evening of October 5th, the Thailand Ministry of tourism and sports minister Yang Li Cogan specifically to find the hotel, condolences to the enthusiastic China guide. This charity is very touching China foreign tourists injured Nanjing female tour guide out of blood donation in September 20th, a Sichuan tourists were injured fracture in Phuket Island, need surgery. Because it is rare "panda blood" (Rh negative blood), the local can not find matching blood type, surgery was shelved. 22, Nanjing, a female tour guide was informed that the news, the next day to catch the plane to Phuket Island, to the injured tourists offered a blood of 450 ml of blood in the second. This female tour guide called Yang Li, is Nanjing Mandarin International Travel Co. Ltd. of Thailand. In September 22nd, she was ready to tour home at Phuket Island airport, suddenly learned from the circle of friends, a Sichuan female tourists were injured in a visit to Phuket Island, in urgent need of Rh negative blood type AB surgery, and Yang Lizheng is this blood type. Because the team will be sent home, Yang Li can only choose to go back to Nanjing. Originally intended to return home after blood, and then sent by hand in the past, but came back to inquire about, said the bid for quarantine procedures require a certain amount of time, the patient can not wait." Yang Li returned to Nanjing after the injury, the injured tourists spinal injuries, if not timely surgery, may not be able to walk. Critical situation, Yang Li decided to fly to Phuket Island second days to donate blood. The Thailand government is very concerned about the female secretary sent condolences to personally thank gift this year’s National Day golden week, let Yang Li surprise and unforgettable. "I never thought it would cause such a big response, after the affirmation and praise are I never thought." Yesterday, the modern express reporter with the Thailand tourism and sports minister to meet, Yang Li is still very excited. The evening of October 5th, Yang Li learned that the tour back to a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand Ministry of tourism and sports minister to visit her Cogan and thanks in person. Prior to the local friends of the local media reported to me, I did not expect Thailand’s government departments will be concerned about the matter." Yang Li told reporters that the minister is Cogan know this thing from social media, followed by China Embassy in Thailand, the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Committee, linked to her own travel agency. "Dear Ms. Yang Li, thank you for giving China tourists in Thailand good deeds, on behalf of the government of Thailand to pay tribute to you!" This is the minister gave Yang Li Cogan card thank you words. Yang Li told reporters, Cogan also said that transnational donate blood to save the thing happened in Thailand is very touching, such acts of kindness is worth spread. Thanks)相关的主题文章: